Girl Names That Start With A

Choosing the right name for a baby girl is a significant decision that many parents face with both excitement and a bit of trepidation. Names that start with the letter "A" have always been popular, owing to their appealing sound and the positive connotations they often carry. From timeless classics to unique rarities, the letter "A" offers a plethora of options. In this article, we explore the diversity and beauty of girl names beginning with "A," categorized to help expecting parents find the perfect name for their little one.

Girl Names That Start With A
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When it comes to popular girl names beginning with "A," there are several that consistently top the charts. Names like Ava, Amelia, and Abigail have been favorites for several years. Ava exudes a chic and modern simplicity, while Amelia brings to mind the adventurous spirit of Amelia Earhart, blending a classic vibe with a sense of adventure. Abigail, often associated with kindness and dignity, has biblical roots that add a historical depth. These names are not only popular for their beautiful sounds but also for the positive traits and famous figures they conjure.

  1. Ava: A short, chic name that has gained significant popularity. It has roots in Latin, meaning "bird" or sometimes associated with the Latin word for "life." Ava's simplicity yet stylish aura continues to charm parents and makes it a top choice for newborn girls.
  2. Amelia: Derived from the Germanic word "amal," meaning "work," Amelia conveys industriousness and resilience. Famous figures like Amelia Earhart have popularized this name, which remains a favorite due to its classic and graceful sound.
  3. Aria: Italian for "air" and also a musical term for a melody sung by a single voice, Aria has a lyrical and beautiful connotation, perfect for parents looking for a name that’s both modern and artistic.
  4. Aurora: Latin for "dawn," Aurora is a name filled with luminosity and grace. It brings to mind the Aurora Borealis, making it a poetic choice for a girl who lights up the lives around her.
  5. Alice: A name of Old French and German origin meaning "noble." It's well-known through the character Alice in Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland," symbolizing curiosity and adventurous spirit.
  6. Abigail: From Hebrew, meaning "father's joy." Abigail in the Bible was a figure of wisdom and prophetic insight, making this name resonate with cultural and historical depth.
  7. Avery: Originally an English surname derived from Alfred, meaning "elf counsel." Avery has transitioned into a popular first name for girls, appreciated for its sophisticated and contemporary sound.
  8. Anna: A variant of the Hebrew name Hannah, meaning "grace." Anna is timeless and international, featured prominently in literature and history, known for its simplicity and elegance.
  9. Addison: An English name meaning "son of Adam," it has become popular for girls due to its trendy "son" ending and its fashionable and modern feel.
  10. Audrey: Old English origin meaning "noble strength." Audrey Hepburn, an iconic actress, helped popularize this name, which embodies class and charisma.
  11. Adeline: French origin, derived from Adele, meaning "nobility." Adeline has a vintage charm, combined with a gentle yet dignified air, making it appealing to modern parents.
  12. Alexa: A variant of Alexandra, meaning "defender of the people" in Greek. Alexa is a strong and tech-savvy name, recently associated with Amazon's virtual assistant, emphasizing its modernity.
  13. Aaliyah: Of Arabic origin, meaning "high, exalted, sublime." Popularized by the famous singer Aaliyah, this name exudes style and presence.
  14. Alison: A name of Germanic origin meaning "noble." Alison has evolved from a medieval French nickname for Alice and maintains a laid-back and enduring appeal.
  15. Amy: Derived from the Old French name Aimée, meaning "beloved." Amy is a sweet and simple name that has remained popular for its positive and approachable vibe.
  16. Athena: In Greek mythology, Athena is the goddess of wisdom and warfare, a powerful and intelligent figure. The name conveys strength and scholarly attributes.
  17. Angelina: Derived from Angel, meaning "messenger of God" in Greek. Angelina exudes a mystical and angelic quality, further popularized by actress Angelina Jolie.
  18. Amber: From the Arabic word 'ambar', referring to the gemstone. Amber has a warm and earthy tone, popular since the 19th century and associated with the gemstone's golden color.
  19. Anastasia: Of Greek origin meaning "resurrection." Anastasia is a name filled with elegance and a regal history, often associated with the lost daughter of the last Russian tsar.
  20. Annabelle: A combination of Anna and Belle, meaning "graceful beauty." Annabelle combines southern charm with a gentle sophistication.
21AndreaGreek, Latin"manly, brave"
22ArielHebrew"lion of God"
23AprilLatin"to open"
24ArabellaLatin"yielding to prayer"
25AthenaGreek"goddess of wisdom and war"
26AlinaSlavic"bright, beautiful"
28AspenEnglish"quaking tree"
30AinsleyScottish"one's own meadow"
33AltheaGreek"with healing power"
36AnnaliseGerman"graced with God's bounty"
37AriaItalian"air; song or melody"
38AryaSanskrit"noble, truthful"
40AliciaGerman, Spanish"noble natured"

Beautiful Girl Names That Start With A

The beauty of a name can be subjective, but certain names carry an undeniable aesthetic appeal. Aurora is one such name, reminiscent of the Roman goddess of dawn and also the mesmerizing northern lights, suggesting both beauty and natural wonder. Anastasia, with its regal and elegant resonance, offers a touch of royalty and historical significance. Another beautiful name, Ariella, means "lion of God" in Hebrew and brings a lyrical quality to any first name repertoire.

  1. Aurora: Derived from Latin, meaning "dawn." Aurora is a name full of grace and beauty, reminiscent of the Roman goddess of the morning. It suggests new beginnings and natural splendor.
  2. Amara: Of Italian, Greek, and African origins, meaning "grace" or "unfading." Amara is a stylish and resonant name that exudes a timeless charm and elegance.
  3. Aveline: A French name meaning "desired" or "wished for child." Aveline is delicate and sophisticated, offering a unique alternative to more common names like Ava.
  4. Anais: With French and Persian roots, meaning "grace." Anais is notably poetic and evokes an artistic flair, popularized by the novelist Anaïs Nin.
  5. Arabella: Of Latin origin, meaning "yielding to prayer." Arabella is a vintage name that has regained popularity, known for its melodic tones and aristocratic flair.
  6. Aurelia: Latin for "golden." Aurelia was the name of Roman empresses and saints, offering a regal and radiant feel that is both classic and chic.
  7. Azalea: From the name of the flower, which is Greek for "dry." Azalea is both a botanical name and a symbol of femininity and soft beauty.
  8. Alina: A name of Slavic origin, meaning "bright" and "beautiful." Alina is sleek and modern yet has a simplicity that adds to its appeal.
  9. Athena: In Greek mythology, Athena is the goddess of wisdom and warfare. This name suggests intelligence, dignity, and a pioneering spirit.
  10. Amethyst: From the name of the purple gemstone, which is Greek for "not intoxicated." Amethyst is unique and vibrant, associated with calmness and clarity.
  11. Annalise: A combination of "Anna" and "Lise," German for "graced with God's bounty." Annalise is elegant and flows beautifully, suitable for parents seeking a name with a lyrical quality.
  12. Adrienne: French feminine form of Adrian, meaning "from the city of Adria." Adrienne is sophisticated and worldly, carrying a sense of cosmopolitan elegance.
  13. Aisling: An Irish name meaning "dream" or "vision." Aisling is mystical and rich in cultural heritage, perfect for a girl with a poetic and imaginative spirit.
  14. Amelie: French form of Amelia, meaning "work." Amelie gained popularity through the charming French film "Amélie," and is known for its joyful and lively sound.
  15. Anthea: Derived from Greek, meaning "flower" or "blossom." Anthea is floral and picturesque, ideal for parents looking for a nature-inspired name that is soft and appealing.
  16. Ariadne: In Greek mythology, Ariadne is the daughter of Minos who helps Theseus escape the labyrinth. The name means "most holy," combining mythological depth with spiritual significance.
  17. Astrid: A name of Scandinavian origin, meaning "divinely beautiful." Astrid combines elements of strength and exquisite beauty, suitable for a confident and adventurous girl.
  18. Antonia: Of Latin origin, meaning "priceless" or "praiseworthy." Antonia is stately and robust, historically borne by influential women, providing a solid foundation with a touch of grace.
  19. Althea: Greek name meaning "with healing power." Althea has a gentle and therapeutic quality, often associated with the healing plant known as marshmallow.
  20. Aria: Means "air" in Italian, and also refers to a melody sung by a single voice in opera. Aria is lyrical and full of grace, popular among modern parents for its musical and airy quality.

More Beautiful Girl Names That Start With A

21AvalonCeltic"Island of apples"
22AllegraItalian"Joyful, lively"
23AlanaGaelic"Beauty, serenity"
24AmiraArabic"Princess, leader"
25AnikaSanskrit"Grace, sweetness"
26AlayaSanskrit"Dwelling, abode"
28AnnelieseGerman"Graced with God's bounty"
29AdaliaHebrew"Noble one"
30AthenaGreek"Goddess of wisdom and war"
31AyeshaArabic"Living, prosperous"
32AzuraSpanish"Sky blue"
34AinsleyScottish"One's own meadow"
36AriellaHebrew"Lion of God"

Cute and Pretty Girl Names That Start With A

For those looking for something sweet and endearing, names like Aria, Ally, and April are perfect choices. Aria, which surged in popularity thanks to its use in modern television and opera, implies a musicality that is both pretty and sophisticated. Ally, often a short form of Alison or Alice, offers a friendly and approachable vibe. April, associated with the spring month, suggests renewal and freshness, perfect for a baby girl born in or symbolizing a new beginning.

  1. Aria: A musical term in Italian, meaning "air" or "melody." Aria is a name that exudes sophistication and grace, perfectly suited for parents seeking a name with artistic overtones.
  2. Amelie: This French variant of Amelia, meaning "work," is imbued with charm and vivacity. Amelie is reminiscent of the delightful protagonist in the French film of the same name, suggesting joyfulness and whimsy.
  3. Ava: A concise yet powerful name of Latin origin meaning "bird" or "life." Ava has seen a surge in popularity, favored for its simplicity and elegant resonance.
  4. Annie: A diminutive form of Anne, meaning "grace." Annie is endearing and timeless, often associated with the famous comic strip and musical, exuding a cheerful and resilient spirit.
  5. Avery: Derived from an Old English surname meaning "elf ruler." Avery has a modern and unisex appeal, yet retains a light, airy sound that makes it approachable and charming.
  6. Autumn: A seasonal name representing the fall period. Autumn is evocative of the rich, warm colors of the season, making it a picturesque and gentle name choice.
  7. April: Stemming from the Latin "aperire," meaning "to open," April is symbolic of spring and new beginnings. It's a fresh and sprightly name that carries a sense of renewal and vibrance.
  8. Aurora: Meaning "dawn" in Latin, Aurora is the name of the Roman goddess of the morning. It suggests beauty and new beginnings, popularized further by the Disney princess.
  9. Adeline: Of French origin, meaning "noble." Adeline is vintage and sweet, with a lovely melodic quality that has brought it back into the spotlight.
  10. Ainsley: Originating from a Scottish surname meaning "one's own meadow." Ainsley has a modern, trendy feel while still sounding soft and pretty.
  11. Allie: A pet form of Alison or Alice, meaning "nobility." Allie is friendly and approachable, with a youthful energy that makes it persistently popular.
  12. Alma: From Latin, meaning "nurturing, soul." Alma carries a depth of meaning, paired with a simplicity and purity that enhances its beauty.
  13. Adele: Derived from Germanic roots meaning "nobility." Adele resurfaced in popularity with the fame of the British singer, and it exudes a classic elegance.
  14. Aislinn: An Irish name meaning "dream" or "vision." Aislinn is mystical and lyrical, perfect for a girl with a poetic and imaginative spirit.
  15. Alyssa: Of English origin, derived from the flower alyssum and meaning "rational." Alyssa combines botanical beauty with a fluid, lyrical sound.
  16. Aspen: Named after the tree, Aspen is associated with nature and resilience. It’s a chic and modern name that conveys a sense of calm and strength.
  17. Arwen: Of Welsh origin, meaning "noble maiden." Arwen is known from J.R.R. Tolkien's works, where it is the name of an Elven princess, lending it a fantastical, ethereal quality.
  18. Amity: From the Latin "amitas," meaning "friendship." Amity is sweet and serene, with a positive connotation that makes it both appealing and meaningful.
  19. Anya: A Russian diminutive of Anna, meaning "grace." Anya is stylish and international, with a simplicity that belies its depth.
  20. Arielle: A French spelling of Ariel, meaning "lion of God" in Hebrew. Arielle is delicate and melodic, offering a softer alternative to the more commonly known Ariel.

More Cute and Pretty Girl Names That Start With A

21AlinaSlavic"Bright, beautiful"
23AzaleaGreek"Dry" (flower name)
24AliviaEnglishVariant of Olivia, "olive tree"
26ArianaItalian"Most holy"
27AmiraArabic"Princess, leader"
28AspenEnglish"Quaking tree"
29AnnikaSwedish"Grace, sweet-faced"
30AislingIrish"Dream, vision"
31AriellaHebrew"Lion of God"
33AleahAmericanModern blend of Ali and Leah
36AltheaGreek"With healing power"
37ArriettyLiteraryFrom "The Borrowers"
38AntoinetteFrench"Priceless one"

Unique and Rare Girl Names That Start With A

Parents searching for something less common can consider unique and rare names that start with "A." Alouette, a French name meaning "lark," is poetic and uncommon outside of France. Azura, evoking the color blue, suggests vast skies and deep seas, ideal for a girl with a serene or profound persona. Anouk, of Dutch and French origin, is quirky yet sophisticated and is a distinctive alternative to more familiar names.

  1. Aisling: An Irish name meaning "dream" or "vision." Aisling is often used in poetry and literature to represent Ireland as a young woman. It's rare outside of Ireland, offering a unique choice with a lyrical and ethereal quality.
  2. Azura: Of Spanish origin, meaning "sky blue." Azura is a vibrant and uncommon name that evokes images of expansive, clear skies, perfect for a girl with a bright and open personality.
  3. Anouk: A Dutch diminutive of Anna, meaning "grace." Anouk has a quirky and charming feel, popularized internationally by French actress Anouk Aimée.
  4. Alizeh: Of Persian origin, meaning "wind." Alizeh is a beautiful and rare name with a soft and flowing sound, suggestive of nature and grace.
  5. Amabel: An Old French name meaning "lovable." It's the source of the name Mabel and is a more unusual alternative with an antique charm.
  6. Ariadne: In Greek mythology, Ariadne is the daughter of Minos who helps Theseus escape the labyrinth. The name means "most holy" and carries a mystique and beauty.
  7. Astraea: From Greek mythology, Astraea was the goddess of justice and innocence. Her name means "star," reflecting beauty and celestial goodness.
  8. Araluen: An Aboriginal Australian name meaning "water lily" or "place of the water lilies." It's picturesque and uncommon, echoing the natural beauty of tranquil waters.
  9. Avonlea: Inspired by the fictional Canadian village in L.M. Montgomery's "Anne of Green Gables," Avonlea combines a poetic sound with a sense of rustic, pastoral beauty.
  10. Amalthea: In Greek mythology, Amalthea is a nurturing goat who feeds Zeus. The name connotes caring and protective qualities, ideal for a compassionate individual.
  11. Azenor: A Breton legend name, possibly meaning "high" or "holy." Azenor is steeped in myth and rare outside of Brittany, offering a unique cultural touch.
  12. Alecto: One of the Furies in Greek mythology, Alecto’s name means "unceasing." It carries a powerful and intense presence, suitable for a girl with a strong, spirited nature.
  13. Alouette: A French name meaning "lark." Alouette is lyrical and light, evoking images of the singing bird and symbolizing joy and freedom.
  14. Arianell: A Welsh name meaning "silver." Arianell has a delicate and mystical sound, perfect for parents looking for a name with a gentle but distinct character.
  15. Aurembiaix: A unique Catalan name from historical nobility. It is rare and distinctive, carrying a regal and elegant air.
  16. Angharad: A traditional Welsh name meaning "much loved." Angharad appears in Welsh mythology and medieval literature, resonating with historical depth and affection.
  17. Aureliana: Derived from the Latin "Aurelius," meaning "golden." Aureliana is a grand and ornate name, ideal for someone destined to stand out.
  18. Anaxandra: An ancient Greek name meaning "master of men." Anaxandra combines historical gravitas with a sense of strength and leadership.
  19. Aelfwynn: An Old English name meaning "elf friend." Aelfwynn is rare and evokes an enchanting, otherworldly charm.
  20. Andromeda: From Greek mythology, Andromeda is a princess rescued by Perseus. Her name means "leader of men," and it carries both beauty and bravery.

More Unique and Rare Girl Names That Start With A

21AltaluneLatin"Over the moon"
22AmethystGreek"Not intoxicated" (a gemstone)
23AenorFrenchUnknown, historical usage
24AnemoneGreek"Daughter of the wind" (flower)
25AraceliSpanish"Altar of the sky"
27AspasiaGreek"Welcome, embrace"
30AvalbaneInvented"White orchard"
31AzaharaArabic"Orange blossom"
32AzuraSpanish"Sky blue"
33AzzurraItalian"Blue sky"
34AlastrionaGaelic"Defender of mankind"
36AmalfriedaGermanic"Work of peace"
37AndalasiaFictionalFrom Disney’s "Enchanted"
38AntheiaGreek"Flower, blossom"
39ArianrhodWelsh"Silver wheel"
40AustejaLithuanian"To weave" (goddess of bees)

Unisex Names Starting With A

Unisex names are increasingly popular, providing flexibility and modernity in naming conventions. Alex, Avery, and Aspen stand out as attractive choices. Alex, a diminutive of Alexander or Alexandra, works well for both genders and conveys strength. Avery, originally derived from an English surname, has become a trendy unisex name that combines historical depth with contemporary appeal. Aspen, named after the resilient tree, is evocative of natural beauty and tranquility, suitable for any child.

  1. Alex: Derived from Alexander or Alexandra, meaning "defender of the people." Alex is a versatile and popular choice that suits both boys and girls equally well.
  2. Avery: Originally an English surname derived from Alfred, meaning "elf counsel." Avery has become a trendy unisex name, appreciated for its soft sound yet strong historical roots.
  3. Ariel: A Hebrew name meaning "lion of God." While traditionally male in Israel, Ariel has gained popularity for girls elsewhere, particularly after Disney's "The Little Mermaid."
  4. Addison: Of English origin, meaning "son of Adam" but has transcended its original 'son' meaning to become a popular choice for girls, especially in North America.
  5. Aubrey: An English name meaning "elf ruler." Historically male, Aubrey has become more popular for girls in recent decades, embodying a sophisticated yet whimsical charm.
  6. Ashton: Originally an English surname meaning "ash tree town." Ashton works well for both genders, known significantly for actor Ashton Kutcher.
  7. Arden: From Old English, meaning "valley of the eagle." Arden is rare and poetic, linked with the forest in Shakespeare's "As You Like It," suitable for any child.
  8. Adrian: Of Latin origin, meaning "from Hadria." Adrian is a classic name that has maintained its gender-neutral appeal, sophisticated and worldly.
  9. Ainsley: Originally a Scottish surname meaning "one's own meadow." Ainsley is modern and stylish, increasingly popular for both girls and boys.
  10. Ash: Short for Ashley, meaning "ash tree clearing." Ash is a sleek, more neutral alternative to the once predominantly female name Ashley.
  11. Amari: Of African origins, meaning "strength." Amari is a strong yet graceful name that has a modern feel and is used for both boys and girls.
  12. Asa: A Hebrew name meaning "doctor" or "healer." Asa is concise and strong, historically male but increasingly considered for girls as well.
  13. Ari: Hebrew for "lion." Ari is short and powerful, used independently or as a nickname for longer names like Ariel or Ariana, making it versatile and dynamic.
  14. Alva: A Swedish name derived from feminine Alvina or masculine Alvin, meaning "elf" or "friend of the elves." Alva Edison, Thomas Edison's middle name, gives it a historical edge.
  15. Austin: Derived from the Latin "Augustine," meaning "majestic." Originally male, Austin is gaining traction as a unisex name due to its trendy ending sound and strong roots.
  16. August: From the Latin name Augustus, meaning "great" or "venerable." August is traditionally male but used for girls, especially with its literary and seasonal connotations.
  17. Ali: Arabic in origin, meaning "high" or "elevated." While commonly a male name in Arabic-speaking countries, Ali is also used as a nickname for Alice, Alison, or even Alexander in English-speaking regions.
  18. Averyl: Derived from Avril, meaning "April" in French. Averyl is less known but carries a fresh and lively vibe that suits any gender.
  19. Andy: Typically a diminutive of Andrew, meaning "manly," or Andrea in Italian contexts. Andy has a friendly and approachable feel, making it suitable for either gender.
  20. Alby: Derived from Alba or Albany, meaning "white" or "bright." Alby is a quirky and endearing option, less common and delightfully unisex.

More Unisex Names Starting With A

22AngelGreek"Messenger" or "angel"
23ArmaniItalian"Warrior," from the fashion brand
24AftonEnglish"From Afton River"
25AldenEnglish"Old friend"
26AspenAmerican"Quaking tree"
27AverillEnglish"Boar battle"
28AmoryEnglish"Brave" or "powerful"
29ArloOld English"Fortified hill"
30AverylEnglish/French"Opening buds of spring"
31AustenFrench/English"Great, magnificent"
32AdleyHebrew"God is just"
33ArdenEnglish"Great forest"
34ArrowEnglish"A projectile fired from a bow"
35AlbieEnglishDiminutive of Albert, "noble"
37ArinHebrew/Irish"Ireland" or "peace"
38AshbyEnglish"Ash tree farm"
39AudenOld English"Old friend"
40AllynCeltic"Harmony," "peace"

Biblical Girl Names That Start With A

For those drawn to biblical names, the letter "A" offers several beautiful and meaningful options. Abigail, meaning "my father's joy," was a figure of wisdom and prophetic insight in the Old Testament. Anna, the prophetess who recognized Jesus as the Messiah in the New Testament, symbolizes grace and devotion. Adah, a name from the Book of Genesis, is one of the earliest named women in the Bible and means "adornment."

  1. Abigail: A Hebrew name meaning "my father's joy." In the Bible, Abigail is known for her wisdom and prophetic abilities, as well as being King David’s wife.
  2. Anna: Derived from Hannah, this name means "grace" or "favor." Anna is a prophetess in the New Testament who recognized Jesus as the Messiah during his presentation in the temple.
  3. Adah: A Hebrew name meaning "ornament" or "beauty." In the Bible, Adah appears as the wife of Lamech and Esau.
  4. Atarah: Means "crown" in Hebrew. Atarah is mentioned in the Bible as the wife of Jerahmeel and mother of Onam.
  5. Apphia: Of Greek origin, meaning "fruitful" or "increasing." In the New Testament, Apphia is addressed by Paul in his letter to Philemon.
  6. Asenath: Egyptian in origin, meaning "gift of the goddess Neith." Asenath is known in Genesis as Joseph's Egyptian wife, given to him by Pharaoh.
  7. Azubah: Means "forsaken" in Hebrew. Azubah is mentioned as the wife of Caleb and the mother of Jerioth in the Bible.
  8. Ahinoam: Meaning "my brother is delight" in Hebrew. She is noted as King Saul’s wife and later, one of King David’s wives.
  9. Achsah: A Hebrew name meaning "anklet" or "ornament." In the Bible, Achsah is Caleb’s daughter who receives a blessing of land and springs of water.
  10. Abital: Means "my father is dew" in Hebrew. Abital is mentioned as one of King David's wives, mother to his son Shephatiah.
  11. Ariel: Although more commonly associated as a male name in the Bible, meaning "lion of God." Ariel is used symbolically to refer to Jerusalem in the Old Testament.
  12. Avital: Means "father of dew" in Hebrew. Avital is listed as one of King David’s wives in the Old Testament.
  13. Athaliah: Of Hebrew origin meaning "afflicted by God." Athaliah is a notable queen in the Bible, known for her reign as the only female monarch of Judah.
  14. Amariah: Means "Yahweh has said" in Hebrew. Amariah is a name used for several minor characters throughout the Old Testament.
  15. Ashtoreth: A name of a goddess worshipped in the ancient Near East, included in the Bible to signify foreign influence on Israelite worship.
  16. Anah: This name means "answer" or "singing" in Hebrew. Anah appears in the Old Testament as the daughter of Zibeon.
  17. Areli: Means "the light or vision of God" in Hebrew. Areli is mentioned in the genealogies of the tribe of Gad in the Bible.
  18. Ano: A lesser-known biblical name of uncertain meaning, listed in the genealogies in the Chronicles.
  19. Agrippa: Although a male name in the Bible, Agrippa's royal connotations and historical significance make it an interesting choice for a girl.
  20. Asenath: Repeated for emphasis on its unique origin and historical depth. Asenath represents a cultural bridge in the biblical narrative.

More Biblical Girl Names That Start With A

21AzrielHebrew"God is my help"
22AbihailHebrew"Father of strength"
24AholibamahHebrew"My tent is exalted"
25AhlaiHebrew"Beseeching" or "sorrowful"
26AdaiahHebrew"Ornament of the Lord"
27AbraHebrew"Father of multitudes"
28AcsahHebrewAlternative spelling of Achsah
30AderetHebrew"Crown, majestic"
31AdlaiHebrew"God is just"
32AgarHebrewBiblical transliteration of Hagar
34AhinoamHebrew"My brother is delight"
35AinoHebrewBiblical name of unknown meaning
36AkeldamaAramaic"Field of blood"
37AliahHebrewVariant of Aliyah, "ascend, go up"
38AmmihudHebrew"People of praise"
39AmraphelHebrewName of a king in Genesis
40AnaniahHebrew"Protected by Yahweh"


The range of girl names starting with "A" is vast and varied, offering something for everyone, whether you prefer something traditional, modern, or completely unique. From the elegance of Anastasia to the contemporary cool of Avery, these names carry with them not only distinct sounds but also meanings and histories that can inspire a child's identity. Choosing a name is the first of many important decisions parents will make, and with so many beautiful options starting with "A," it's easy to find one that will be a perfect fit for your daughter.

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