Girl Names That Start With M

Choosing a name for a baby girl is a significant and delightful task. Girl names that start with M are particularly popular due to their timeless charm and wide-ranging styles. From classic to contemporary, biblical to international, the letter M offers a plethora of beautiful options for naming a baby girl. This guide explores various categories of M names, helping you find the perfect fit for your newborn.

Girl Names That Start With M
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The popularity of girl names beginning with "M" can be attributed to their melodious sound and historical staying power. Some of the most popular "M" names include:

  • Madison: A name that has seen widespread popularity over the last few decades.
  • Mia: Short and sweet, Mia is loved for its simplicity and elegance.
  • Melanie: A name that resonates with grace and a gentle strength.

These names are not only beloved in English-speaking countries but have also gained international appeal, making them perennial favorites.

  1. Madison - Originally an English surname meaning "son of Maud," Madison has become a popular first name for girls, especially in the United States. Its rise in popularity can be attributed to its strong, yet sophisticated sound.
  2. Mia - Of Italian and Scandinavian origin, Mia means "mine" or "bitter." It is often chosen for its simplicity and elegance, and it has been popularized by celebrities and fictional characters alike.
  3. Maya - This name has multiple origins; it is a Greek name meaning "mother," a Hebrew name meaning "water," and it also has ties to the Spanish word for "my" or "mine."
  4. Megan - A Welsh name meaning "pearl," Megan is a diminutive of Margaret and has been popular in English-speaking countries for decades due to its friendly and approachable sound.
  5. Melanie - Derived from the Greek "Melania," meaning "black" or "dark," Melanie has a sophisticated and classical appeal, often associated with beauty and elegance.
  6. Mackenzie - A Scottish surname meaning "son of Kenneth," Mackenzie has gained popularity as a first name for girls, appreciated for its strong and lively sound.
  7. Morgan - This name of Welsh origin means "sea-born" or "sea-circle." It is unisex but has become more popular for girls in recent years, known for its mystical and noble flair.
  8. Molly - A diminutive form of Mary, which is of Hebrew origin meaning "bitter." Molly is often viewed as a more informal and friendly version of the name Mary.
  9. Maria - A Latin form of Mary, which means "star of the sea" or "bitter." Maria is used widely across the world and is revered for its timeless beauty and international appeal.
  10. Michelle - A French feminine form of Michael, meaning "who is like God?" It gained enormous popularity following the Beatles song "Michelle."
  11. Melody - Derived from the Greek "melodia," which means "song" or "chant," Melody connotes a musical and poetic feel, making it a charming choice for parents looking for a name with an artistic touch.
  12. Marissa - A name with Latin roots, Marissa means "of the sea" or "drop of the sea," offering a modern twist on the more traditional Maria.
  13. Miranda - Meaning "admirable" or "wonderful" in Latin, Miranda was popularized by Shakespeare's play "The Tempest." It implies a personality both lovely and worthy of admiration.
  14. Madeline - Of English origin, stemming from the Hebrew name Magdalene, which means "woman from Magdala." Madeline is often associated with the classic children's book character, giving it a sweet and adventurous connotation.
  15. Margaret - A timeless name meaning "pearl" in Greek. Margaret is renowned for its classic and regal quality, with various notable historical figures bearing the name.
  16. Monica - This name has uncertain origins but is traditionally associated with Latin and means "advisor" or "truthful." It gained popularity in the 1990s with the TV show "Friends."
  17. Mya - A variant of Maya, Mya also carries the simplicity and grace of the original, with a slightly more modern and streamlined feel.
  18. Macy - An English name meaning "hill," Macy is often chosen for its contemporary and upbeat sound, perhaps also popularized by the department store bearing the same name.
  19. Mikayla - A modern American form of Michaela, which is the feminine version of Michael, meaning "who is like God?" Mikayla offers a contemporary twist with its unique spelling.
  20. Mila - Of Slavic origin, Mila means "gracious" or "dear." Its popularity has surged in recent years, admired for its simplicity and charm.
21MaeveIrish"She who intoxicates"
23MiraSanskrit"Sea, ocean"
24MaddisonEnglish"Son of Maud"
25MarieFrench"Star of the sea"
26MarianaLatin"Of the sea"
27MarleneGerman"Compound of Mary and Magdalene"
31MelissaGreek"Honey bee"
33MeredithWelsh"Great ruler"
34MiaItalian, Scandinavian"Mine; bitter"
35MichelleFrench"Who is like God?"
36MilaSlavic"Gracious, dear"

These names represent just a small sampling of the many beautiful, unique, and meaningful girl names beginning with M available for parents to choose from. Each name carries its own history, cultural background, and linguistic origin, making the process of naming a child both a personal journey and a rich exploration of identity and expression. Whether you're drawn to traditional names or seeking something distinctive, the names listed here offer a broad palette to inspire your choices.

Unique Girl Names That Start With M

For parents looking for something less traditional and more unique, the following M names might be the perfect fit:

  • Marlowe: An uncommon name with an artistic flair, ideal for parents looking for a distinctive name.
  • Mireille: Of French origin, this name is both unique and enchanting.
  • Maelle: This name is of Breton origin and is known for its uniqueness outside of France.

Unique names often stand out and can give a child a sense of individuality right from the start.

  1. Mireille - French in origin, Mireille means "to admire." It's a unique choice in English-speaking countries, evoking elegance and sophistication.
  2. Maelle - A Breton name meaning "princess" or "chief." This name is rare outside of France and brings a royal touch.
  3. Marlowe - Originally an English surname meaning "driftwood," Marlowe has gained popularity as a first name for its literary connections and unique sound.
  4. Merritt - Derived from the Old English term for "boundary gate," Merritt has evolved into a first name that signifies honor and virtue.
  5. Mireya - A Spanish name that means "miracle." Mireya combines a beautiful sound with a powerful meaning, making it a memorable choice.
  6. Malin - A Scandinavian name meaning "little warrior" or "strong, little one." It's an appealing choice for parents looking for a name that is both sweet and strong.
  7. Morwenna - Of Welsh origin, meaning "waves of the sea." Morwenna carries a mystical and powerful connotation, ideal for a girl with a strong, independent spirit.
  8. Minori - A beautiful Japanese name meaning "truth." It is uncommon outside of Japan and offers a blend of simplicity and profound depth.
  9. Myrtle - An English name derived from the evergreen shrub, symbolizing love and immortality in ancient cultures. It’s vintage yet remains unique today.
  10. Mabyn - Stems from Welsh origin meaning "youthful." A very rare name that offers a whimsical and youthful feel.
  11. Maven - A modern name of English origin meaning "one who understands." Maven is both unique and meaningful, suited for a family valuing wisdom and knowledge.
  12. Melisande - Of German origin, meaning "strong in work." A beautiful, romantic name often found in medieval European folklore.
  13. Marigold - English in origin, taken from the golden flower. Marigold is charming and vintage, resonating with nature and beauty.
  14. Mirra - An alternative spelling to Myrrh, the aromatic resin used historically for medicine and perfume. It carries an air of ancient mystery and healing.
  15. Maika - A Polynesian name meaning "good." It’s simple, sweet, and very uncommon in non-Pacific Island communities.
  16. Medora - Of Greek origin, meaning "mother's gift." It's a melodious name that’s both unique and heartfelt.
  17. Merrigan - An Irish surname turned first name, often associated with the meaning "sea-born." It is distinctive and spirited.
  18. Miette - Means "small sweet thing" in French. Miette is endearing and unusual, perfect for a beloved daughter.
  19. Milou - A Dutch diminutive of Marie-Louise, and also popularized by the character in the Tintin comics. It's playful and quirky.
  20. Murron - Of Scottish origin, meaning "sea warrior." It is a strong, rare name that was popularized by the film "Braveheart."

More Unique Girl Names That Start With M

21MatteaHebrew"Gift of God"
22MireioProvencal"To admire"
23MoiraGreek"Destiny, share"
25MalouDutch"Bitter; renowned warrior"
27MarisLatin"Of the sea"
28MirelleFrench"To admire"
30MaviaArabic"Shield; protection"
33MonetFrench"To be heard"
34MarloEnglish/German"Driftwood" or "Remnant of a lake"
35MerrilEnglish"Shining sea"
36MischaRussian"Who is like God"
37MarcellaLatin"Young warrior"
38MavenaHebrew"One who understands"
39MaelieFrench"Chief; prince"
40MirenaSlavic"Peace; world"

Choosing a unique girl's name that starts with M can reflect personal meanings, cultural connections, or simply aesthetic preferences. Whether you are drawn to something with a modern twist, like Maven, or prefer something with deep roots, like Myrtle, these names offer distinctive options that are sure to make your child stand out. Each name not only carries its unique sound but also an intriguing meaning that can become a part of your daughter's identity.

Old-Fashioned M Girl Names

There's a certain charm to old-fashioned names, and those starting with "M" are no exception. Timeless and classic, these names include:

  • Margaret: A name that conjures images of royalty and classic beauty.
  • Mildred: Though less common today, it carries a vintage appeal that might be due for a revival.
  • Miriam: A name with biblical roots and a deep historical resonance.

These names not only reflect a bygone era but also carry with them a sense of strength and tradition.

  1. Margaret - A classic name meaning "pearl." Margaret has been a royal favorite for centuries, known for its grace and maturity.
  2. Martha - Of Aramaic origin, meaning "the lady" or "the mistress." Martha evokes a sense of time-honored tradition and reliability.
  3. Mildred - A name of English origin meaning "gentle strength." Though less common today, Mildred has a vintage charm that could be ripe for revival.
  4. Marianne - A blend of Mary and Anne, Marianne means "grace" and "bitter." It conjures up images of classic literature and refined elegance.
  5. Miriam - An ancient name with Hebrew roots, meaning "beloved sea" or "drop of the sea." Miriam carries a biblical significance and a deep-rooted cultural presence.
  6. Mabel - Meaning "lovable" in Latin, Mabel was hugely popular in the 19th century and is now making a charming comeback.
  7. Myrtle - Derived from the plant name, Myrtle symbolizes love and immortality in ancient traditions, offering a unique choice with natural overtones.
  8. Maude - A variant of Matilda, meaning "battle-mighty." Maude brings to mind the strong, independent women of early 20th-century literature.
  9. Minerva - Roman goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare, Minerva implies intelligence and dignity, perfect for a girl with a strong presence.
  10. Millicent - Means "strong in work." An old German name that offers a blend of classic sound and meaningful depth.
  11. Mercy - An English virtue name representing compassion and forgiveness. Mercy was more common in Puritan times but retains a gentle grace.
  12. Matilda - Of German origin, meaning "battle-mighty." Matilda has seen a resurgence in popularity, perhaps due to its strong yet feminine feel.
  13. Miranda - Meaning "admirable" in Latin, Miranda was popularized by Shakespeare in his play "The Tempest."
  14. Muriel - A Celtic name meaning "sea, bright." Muriel was popular in the early 20th century and is known for its mystical and ethereal quality.
  15. Myra - Possibly derived from the Greek word for "myrrh," Myra's soft and melodic tone makes it a gentle yet impactful choice.
  16. May - A name associated with the fifth month of the year, known for spring and blossoms. May is simple yet evocative of the freshness and vitality of springtime.
  17. Mavis - From the Old French for "songbird." Mavis has a vintage, almost whimsical quality, thanks to its association with nature and music.
  18. Maud - Another form of Matilda, Maud means "battle-mighty" and offers a shorter, bolder alternative to its longer form.
  19. Mamie - A diminutive of Margaret, once a nickname for Mary. Mamie feels both retro and endearing, reminiscent of the early 1900s.
  20. Marcella - Derived from Marcel, meaning "little warrior" in Latin. Marcella is both graceful and powerful, a blend that gives it a timeless appeal.

More Old-Fashioned M Girl Names

22MagdaleneHebrew"From Magdala"
23MinnieEnglish"Of the mind; intellect" or diminutive of Minerva
24MilredEnglish"Gentle counsel"
26MetaGerman"Pearl" or a diminutive of Margaret
27MelbaAustralianNamed after Melbourne, or from "mlbourne, or from "melody"
28MyrtleEnglish"The tree"
29MaeEnglish"Month of May" or "pearl"
30MildredEnglish"Gentle strength"
31MurielCeltic"Sea, bright"
33MarigoldEnglish"Golden flower"
34MaureenIrish"Star of the sea"
35MelindaEnglish"Gentle" or "dark serpent"
36MerrittEnglish"Boundary gate" or "worthy of merit"
37MyfanwyWelsh"My lovely little one"
40MillicentGerman"Strong in work"

The old-fashioned M girl names listed offer a diverse palette from various cultures and times, highlighting names that are both resonant of their eras and ripe for revival by modern parents seeking a touch of tradition. Each of these names carries its unique history and charm, making them wonderful choices for parents looking for meaningful and classical options for their daughters. Whether drawn to the simplicity of Mae or the regal nature of Marcella, these names provide rich possibilities for naming a child.

Biblical Girl Names That Start With M

Biblical names are ever-popular due to their spiritual significance and deep roots. "M" names from the Bible include:

  • Mary: Perhaps the most famous biblical name, known for its spiritual and historical significance.
  • Martha: A name symbolizing diligence and devotion.
  • Miriam: Known for being the sister of Moses, it's a name that stands for leadership and strength.

These names continue to be popular choices for those who appreciate biblical names with profound meanings.

  1. Mary - Arguably the most recognized biblical name, Mary, the mother of Jesus, symbolizes purity and maternal grace. The name means "beloved" or "bitter" in Hebrew.
  2. Martha - Known for her role as the sister who served Jesus in her home, Martha's name means "lady" or "mistress of the house," reflecting hospitality and diligence.
  3. Miriam - The sister of Moses and Aaron, Miriam played a crucial role in the Exodus story. Her name means "wished-for child," symbolizing strength and leadership.
  4. Magdalene - Referring to Mary Magdalene, this name signifies someone from Magdala, a village on the Sea of Galilee, denoting a historical and spiritual depth.
  5. Michal - The daughter of King Saul and wife of David, Michal means "who is like God?" and showcases a connection to royal biblical lineage.
  6. Mahalath - Found in the Old Testament as a wife of Esau and Rehoboam, Mahalath’s name means "lyre" or "sickness," reflecting cultural depth.
  7. Milcah - Mentioned as the wife of Nahor and grandmother of Rebekah, Milcah means "queen" in Hebrew, representing nobility and tradition.
  8. Mehetabel - Meaning "God benefits," Mehetabel is noted in the Bible as the wife of Hadar, the eighth king of Edom, symbolizing blessedness.
  9. Micaiah - A female name meaning "who is like Yahweh?" Micaiah is a lesser-known biblical figure, providing a unique and spiritually significant choice.
  10. Merab - The eldest daughter of King Saul, Merab means "to increase" or "multiplication," reflecting a sense of growth and prosperity.
  11. Myra - Although not directly mentioned in the Bible, Myra is derived from the Greek for "myrrh," a substance gifted to the infant Jesus, symbolizing suffering and beauty.
  12. Mahlah - Mahlah was one of the daughters of Zelophehad who petitioned for their father's inheritance rights, symbolizing justice and determination.
  13. Mara - Meaning "bitter" in Hebrew, Mara is what Naomi called herself after returning from Moab widowed and bereft, reflecting sorrow and resilience.
  14. Meshullemeth - Mentioned briefly as the mother of Amon, king of Judah, her name means "befriended," symbolizing loyalty and companionship.
  15. Maacah - A common name in the Old Testament, referring to various figures, Maacah means "oppression" or "to squeeze," embodying struggle and endurance.
  16. Mehetabeel - Meaning "God does good," this is another variant of Mehetabel, offering a joyful and optimistic biblical reference.
  17. Matred - Mentioned as the mother of Mehetabel, Matred means "expulsion" or "pursuit," reflecting a dynamic and possibly tumultuous life.
  18. Malkah - Meaning "queen" in Hebrew, Malkah is a regal name that conveys dignity and authority, suitable for a girl with a strong character.
  19. Michaiah - A variant of Micaiah, meaning "who is like Yahweh?" It offers a deeply spiritual connection with a slight twist in pronunciation for uniqueness.
  20. Makiah - Another form of Michaiah, further emphasizing the uniqueness and spiritual resonance of the name "who is like Yahweh?"

More Biblical Girl Names That Start With M

22MishaelHebrew"Who is what God is?"
23MeribahHebrew"Quarrel" or "contention"
25MaaziahHebrew"Strength of the Lord"
27MeleaHebrew"Filling" or "Fullness"
28MoriahHebrew"Seen by Yahweh"
29MinniHebrew"Division" or "allotted portion"
40Merib-baalHebrew"Opponent of Baal"

Each of these names from the Bible carries a deep sense of history and meaning, offering not just a unique name for a girl, but also a story and a legacy that can inspire both identity and character. Whether seeking a name that reflects spiritual significance, historical depth, or cultural importance, the biblical M names provide a rich tapestry of choices for a daughter.

International Girl Names That Start With M

For families with international ties or those who love a global flair, these "M" names from around the world might be appealing:

  • Marta: A variation of Martha, popular in many European countries.
  • Mei: A simple and beautiful name of Chinese origin meaning 'beautiful'.
  • Marisol: A sunny, Spanish name that combines the sea and the sun.

Choosing an international name can be a wonderful nod to cultural heritage or simply a celebration of global diversity.

  1. Maria - A classic name used widely across Europe and Latin America, Maria means "star of the sea" in Latin. It's revered for its timeless elegance and broad appeal.
  2. Mireille - Originating in France, Mireille means "to admire." It's noted for its unique pronunciation and is associated with beauty and grace.
  3. Mai - This simple and sweet name is common in Japanese, meaning "brightness; flower." Mai is also used in Vietnamese culture, signifying "plum" or "apricot."
  4. Marisol - A sunny Spanish name combining "mar" (sea) and "sol" (sun), Marisol evokes images of the ocean and sunny skies, popular in Spanish-speaking countries.
  5. Mei - In Chinese, Mei means "beautiful" and is often part of a compound name. It’s cherished for its connection to beauty and simplicity.
  6. Martina - A feminine form of Martin used predominantly in Italy and Spain, meaning "warlike." It is known for its strong yet graceful connotation.
  7. Maja - Popular in Scandinavian countries and Poland, Maja is often linked to the month of May and has connections to Roman mythology.
  8. Manon - A French diminutive of Marie, Manon means "bitter" or "rebellion." It is famously associated with Massenet's opera "Manon Lescaut."
  9. Mirela - Found in Romanian and Croatian languages, Mirela means "to admire." It is beloved for its lyrical sound and poetic meaning.
  10. Milena - Widespread in Eastern Europe, particularly in Czech Republic and Poland, Milena means "grace, love, favor." It combines richness in sound with depth in meaning.
  11. Margaux - A French variant of Margaret, meaning "pearl." Margaux is especially stylish, linked to the wine region in France, giving it a chic, sophisticated aura.
  12. Min-Seo - A common Korean name meaning "cleverness and beauty." It reflects the parents' hopes for intelligence and attractiveness in their child.
  13. Mara - Used across multiple cultures, in Hebrew Mara means "bitter," while in Maori, it signifies "center." It’s admired for its brevity and depth.
  14. Mirena - This name has Slavic roots, often meaning "peace" or "world." Mirena is cherished for its global peace connotations and melodic sound.
  15. Malika - Meaning "queen" in Arabic, Malika exudes strength and regality, a popular choice in various Arabic-speaking countries.
  16. Mariam - An ancient version of Mary found in both Arabic and Georgian cultures, meaning "beloved" or "drop of the sea."
  17. Mona - With multiple origins, Mona can mean "noble good" in Irish or "wish or desire" in Arabic. It’s simple yet profound.
  18. Mireio - A poetic Provençal name meaning "to admire." It is notably used in literature and known for its romantic associations.
  19. Myla - Considered modern and chic, Myla can be found in various cultures and might derive from Mila, meaning "gracious" or "dear."
  20. Magali - Provençal and French, derived from Margaret, meaning "pearl." Magali is particularly cherished in the south of France for its traditional roots and unique sound.

More International Girl Names That Start With M

22MounaArabic"Wish, desire"
25MalenaScandinavian"Woman from Magdala"
26MilaSlavic"Gracious, dear"
28MirelaEastern European"To admire"
30MiyuJapanese"Beautiful gentle"
33MarisolSpanish"Sea and sun"
34MahiraArabic"Skillful, adept"
35MilicaSerbian"Gracious, dear"
36MarwaArabic"Aromatic plant"
37MehwishUrdu"Moon-like, beautiful"
38MitraPersian"Goddess of light"

These names reflect the rich cultural diversity and beautiful linguistic heritage from around the world, providing a wide array of choices for a unique and meaningful baby name. Each name carries its own cultural significance and charm, making any of them a lovely choice for a little girl. Whether you are looking for something soft and melodious, or strong and meaningful, the international names beginning with M offer something special for everyone.

Beautiful Girl Names That Start With M

The beauty of a name can often be its sound and the imagery it evokes. Here are some of the most beautiful "M" names:

  • Melody: A name that sings and flows, perfect for a girl with a musical soul.
  • Mirella: An Italian name that sounds as beautiful as it looks.
  • Mirabelle: A French-derived name meaning "wonderful," which is as lovely as it sounds.

These names are not just beautiful, but they also carry with them an air of sophistication and charm.

  1. Madeline - Of English origin, meaning "high tower" or "woman from Magdala." Madeline brings to mind the elegance and poise of the beloved children's book character.
  2. Mirabelle - A French name meaning "wonderful." It is as beautiful to say as it is meaningful, suggesting both beauty and delight.
  3. Melody - From the English word for music, Melody connotes harmony and sweetness, perfect for a girl with a cheerful and pleasant personality.
  4. Marina - Of Latin origin, meaning "from the sea." Marina evokes images of the tranquil and vast ocean, ideal for families with a love for the water.
  5. Morgana - A name rooted in Arthurian legend, meaning "sea-circle." Morgana is both mystical and majestic, a powerful name with deep historical roots.
  6. Mila - Slavic for "gracious, dear." Mila is a popular name that combines simplicity with a deep, affectionate meaning.
  7. Mireille - This French name means "to admire" and is known for its unique sound and lovely connotation.
  8. Melia - Derived from Greek mythology, meaning "ash tree." Melia is linked to nature and offers a soft, melodic quality.
  9. Maeve - An Irish name meaning "she who intoxicates." It is often associated with the queen of the fairies in Irish mythology, giving it a magical allure.
  10. Mireia - A Catalan form of Mireille, meaning "to admire." It's poetic and relatively uncommon, making it a standout choice.
  11. Monet - Inspired by the French painter Claude Monet, this name suggests creativity and a strong artistic sense.
  12. Mabel - An old-fashioned English name meaning "lovable." Mabel has seen a resurgence in popularity, charming parents with its vintage quality.
  13. Miriam - A Hebrew name meaning "beloved sea" or "drop of the sea," known for its biblical significance and enduring charm.
  14. Marcella - Of Latin origin, meaning "young warrior." Marcella is both beautiful and strong, a name for a girl with a bold spirit.
  15. Mariana - A Spanish and Portuguese name meaning "of the sea." It is romantic and lyrical, perfect for a poetic soul.
  16. Meadow - An English name reflecting nature, representing a field of grass and flowers. It's both peaceful and picturesque.
  17. Minerva - The Roman goddess of wisdom, art, and war. Minerva is a name that suggests intelligence and dignity.
  18. Myla - A modern name possibly derived from Mila or a variant of Miley, suggesting grace and amiability.
  19. May - A name symbolizing the fifth month of the year, associated with spring, growth, and renewal.
  20. Melina - Of Greek origin, meaning "honey." Melina is sweet and appealing, with a naturally warm undertone.

More Beautiful Girl Names That Start With M

22MarigoldEnglish"Golden flower"
23MarielGerman"Drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved"
24MarilynEnglish"Blend of Mary and Lynn"
26MilenaSlavic"Gracious, pleasant"
28MoiraGreek"Destiny, share"
29MonaIrish, Italian"Noble good" or "one"
33MaureenIrish"Star of the sea"
35MagdalenaHebrew"Woman from Magdala"
36MariellaItalian"Star of the sea"
37MeliaGreek"Ash tree"
38MylaModern Origin"Merciful"

Each of these beautiful names beginning with M offers a unique blend of cultural heritage, linguistic charm, and poignant meanings. Whether you are drawn to the classical allure of names like Melina and Magdalena or the modern vibe of Myla and Marlowe, these names provide a wealth of options for a little girl's name, each carrying its own special story and aesthetic appeal. These names not only grace a child with a lovely moniker but also gift them an identity that resonates with beauty and grace across cultures.

Short and Cute Girl Names That Start With M

Short names are often catchy and adorable, making them perfect choices for a baby girl:

  • Mae: A sweet and concise name with a warm aura.
  • Mila: Popular yet still distinctive, Mila is a Slavic name meaning 'gracious, dear'.
  • Mimi: Often used as a nickname, but charming enough to stand on its own.

These names are delightful and often carry an endearing simplicity that makes them memorable.

  1. Mia - Of Italian and Scandinavian origin, meaning "mine" or "beloved." Mia is popular worldwide, cherished for its simplicity and elegance.
  2. May - A name that evokes the springtime, symbolizing growth and new beginnings. It's derived from the name of the fifth month of the year.
  3. Mae - A variant of May, often used as a diminutive for Mary, meaning "beloved" or "pearl."
  4. Mya - A modern spelling variation of Mia, adding a contemporary twist while maintaining the original's sweet and brief nature.
  5. Meg - Short for Margaret, meaning "pearl." Meg is classic yet maintains a youthful and spirited feel.
  6. Moe - A rare and endearing name, often considered a diminutive of Maureen or Moreen, which are derived from Mary.
  7. Mai - A name of Japanese origin meaning "brightness," also used in Scandinavian countries as a variant of May.
  8. Min - Often used in Korean names, Min means "clever, quick" and can be part of a compound name.
  9. Mo - A simple, catchy name that could be short for Maureen or Monica, bringing a modern and minimalistic touch.
  10. Mab - Short for Mabel and an old nickname for Mabel, meaning "lovable."
  11. Mim - A playful and cute diminutive, often used for Miriam, which means "beloved sea."
  12. Mox - An unconventional, edgy short name, likely a modern invention with no specific meaning but with a strong, memorable sound.
  13. Miu - A unique Japanese name that's catchy and sweet, often associated with the sound made by kittens, adding a layer of cuteness.
  14. Mat - While traditionally a boy's name, short for Matthew, Mat can be a quirky option for girls, similar to Mattie but sleeker.
  15. Moe - Another iteration that's sweet and simple, often used as a nickname but stands strong on its own.
  16. Miz - A rare and distinctive name, possibly a modern creation with an appealing and trendy z ending.
  17. Meg - Reiterated for its classic and vibrant feel, Meg continues to be loved for its literary association with "Little Women."
  18. Mel - A diminutive of Melanie or Melissa, meaning "black, dark" or "honey bee" respectively, offering versatility and charm.
  19. Max - Traditionally a boy's name, Max is being used increasingly for girls, short for Maxine, meaning "greatest."
  20. Mae - Noted again for its vintage charm and association with the spring month, Mae is both delightful and timeless.

More Short and Cute Girl Names That Start With M

21MikaJapanese"Beautiful fragrance"
22MikiJapanese"Beautiful princess"
23MilaSlavic"Gracious, dear"
24MiraLatin"Admirable; peace; world"
25MonaArabic"Wishes, desires"
27MacyOld French"Weapon"
34MimiFrench"Wished-for child"
36MikaJapanese"Beautiful fragrance"
37MikiJapanese"Beautiful princess"
38MilaSlavic"Gracious, dear"
39MiraLatin"Admirable; peace; world"
40MonaArabic"Wishes, desires"

These short and sweet names are perfect for parents seeking a charming and concise name with international appeal. Each name carries its own cultural significance and beauty, making any of them a lovely choice for a little girl. Whether you're looking for something with a deep meaning or just a cute sound, these names provide a wealth of adorable options.

Choosing a girl’s name starting with M offers a vast array of options, from the traditional to the unique, the internationally influenced to the biblically rooted. Each name carries its own special meaning and history, making your decision not just about naming a child, but about giving them a first gift that they will carry throughout their life.

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