Girl Names That Start With S

Choosing the perfect name for a baby girl is a significant decision for any parent. Names that start with the letter S are often associated with grace, strength, and creativity. This article explores a variety of 'S' names, from popular and unique to biblical and powerful. Let’s delve into the charming world of girl names starting with S.

Girl Names That Start With S
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  5. Beautiful Girl Names That Start With S
  6. Cute and Pretty Girl Names That Start With S
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  8. Powerful Girl Names That Start With S

Starting with the popular picks, names like Sophia, Samantha, and Sarah top the charts globally. Sophia, a name of Greek origin meaning "wisdom," has been one of the most beloved names for over a decade. Samantha, of Hebrew-American origin, meaning "told by God," remains a favorite for its classic feel and flexibility. Sarah, also of Hebrew origin meaning "princess," is cherished for its timeless quality and royal connotation.

  1. Sophia: Of Greek origin, Sophia means "wisdom." This name has topped the popularity charts due to its embodiment of beauty and intelligence, making it a choice for parents who value both qualities.
  2. Samantha: Samantha, a name of Hebrew-American origin, means "told by God." It blends a traditional biblical essence with a modern feel, maintaining popularity across generations.
  3. Sarah: Hebrew for "princess," Sarah is a name that has stood the test of time, favored for its royal connotations and simplicity.
  4. Scarlett: Originally signifying a person who sold rich, bright fabrics, Scarlett conveys an image of vibrancy and passion. It has risen in popularity, partly due to famous actresses bearing the name.
  5. Savannah: Derived from a Native American word, Savannah means "treeless plain" and is popular for its southern charm and evocative of lush landscapes.
  6. Sienna: Inspired by the Italian city, Sienna means "orange-red." It is favored for its warm, earthy tone and artistic associations.
  7. Serena: Of Latin origin, Serena means "tranquil" or "serene," popular among parents seeking a calming, beautiful name for their child.
  8. Selena: Greek for "moon," Selena evokes the celestial and is adored for its mythological and natural connotations.
  9. Sophie: A French diminutive of Sophia, meaning "wisdom," Sophie is cherished for its charm and simplicity, often preferred for its less formal tone compared to Sophia.
  10. Stella: Latin for "star," Stella has seen a resurgence in popularity, appealing to parents who are drawn to its celestial beauty.
  11. Summer: An English name representing the season, Summer is chosen for its connotations of warmth, brightness, and cheer.
  12. Sage: Sage means "wise" and is of Latin origin. It doubles as a name and a plant revered for its culinary and medicinal properties, symbolizing wisdom.
  13. Sydney: Sydney, an English name, originally referred to a wide riverside meadow. It has become popular for its sophisticated yet friendly sound.
  14. Sadie: Originally a nickname for Sarah, meaning "princess," Sadie offers a more modern, sassy twist on its traditional counterpart.
  15. Sierra: Spanish for "mountain range," Sierra brings to mind images of majestic landscapes, making it a powerful and picturesque name.
  16. Skyler: Of Dutch origin, Skyler means "scholar" and has become popular for both genders, appreciated for its trendy and open-ended nature.
  17. Sloane: Irish for "warrior" or "raider," Sloane is a name that exudes strength and individuality, appealing to modern parents looking for a name with a robust character.
  18. Sonia: Derived from the name Sophia, Sonia means "wisdom." It is favored for its international appeal and classical elegance.
  19. Stacy: Of Greek origin, meaning "resurrection," Stacy is a name filled with hope and renewal, popular since the mid-20th century.
  20. Sylvia: From the Latin for "forest," Sylvia suggests a deep connection to nature and is admired for its vintage charm.
21SabrinaCeltic"From the border" or "river Severn"
22SashaRussian"Defender of mankind"
24SkyeScottish"Isle of Skye"
25SaylorEnglish"Acrobat, dancer"
26ShannonIrish"Old river"
27ShelbyEnglish"Estate on the ledge"
29ShreyaIndian"Auspicious, lucky"
30SienaItalian"From Siena"
31SiobhanIrish"God is gracious"

Unique Girl Names That Start With S

For those seeking a more distinctive name, options like Seraphina, Saskia, and Solene stand out. Seraphina, derived from the Hebrew word 'seraphim' (a type of celestial being), exudes a mystical charm. Saskia, a Dutch name meaning "Saxon woman," is rare and artsy, often associated with Saskia van Uylenburgh, Rembrandt’s wife. Solene, of French origin meaning "solemn," is elegant and uncommon in English-speaking countries.

  1. Soraya: A Persian name meaning "princess" or "jewel." Soraya has exotic undertones and an elegant sound, making it a standout choice for parents seeking something sophisticated.
  2. Saskia: Of Dutch origin, meaning "Saxon woman." Saskia is uncommon in English-speaking countries and carries a strong artistic association due to Rembrandt’s wife, Saskia van Uylenburgh.
  3. Seraphina: Derived from the Hebrew 'seraphim', which refers to an order of angels. Seraphina is lyrical and has a celestial feel, perfect for parents looking for a name with a divine touch.
  4. Solene: French for "solemn," Solene is both rare and refined. It has a gentle yet profound resonance that is both unique and melodious.
  5. Saffron: Named after the spice, Saffron is of English origin and symbolizes richness and rarity. It’s an evocative name that conjures images of deep yellow hues and exotic flavors.
  6. Sancia: An Italian name meaning "sacred." Sancia has a regal and ancient aura, lending a touch of nobility and uniqueness.
  7. Sigourney: Although its origins are somewhat unclear, Sigourney was popularized by actress Sigourney Weaver. It’s distinctive and has an air of intrigue and strength.
  8. Sunniva: Of Scandinavian origin, meaning "sun gift." Sunniva has a bright and cheery feel, ideal for a girl born in the sunny months or for parents who want a name that sounds optimistic.
  9. Salome: Of Hebrew origin meaning "peace." Salome, with its biblical ties and seductive historical associations, offers a deep, resonant choice with a touch of the exotic.
  10. Severine: French origin, meaning "stern." Severine, with its formal and sophisticated sound, makes for a unique name choice, evoking a sense of seriousness and dignity.
  11. Sable: English origin, referring to the black fur commonly used in the fashion industry. Sable is unique and memorable, perfect for parents seeking a name that is both sleek and striking.
  12. Sorrel: Of French origin meaning "reddish-brown." Originally a name for boys, Sorrel is gaining popularity for girls, particularly among parents looking for nature-inspired names.
  13. Svea: Swedish origin, meaning "Swede." Svea is nationalistic and a proud nod to Swedish heritage, rare outside of Scandinavia and charmingly unique.
  14. Shoshana: Hebrew for "rose." Shoshana is an older, more traditional form of Susan and provides a more distinctive alternative with a natural and gentle imagery.
  15. Sonnet: English origin, referring to the poetic form. Sonnet is a literary name that conveys beauty and rhythm, ideal for a family with a love for poetry and the arts.
  16. Sybilla: Of Greek origin meaning "prophetess." Sybilla has a mystical quality, reminiscent of ancient oracles, making it a captivating choice for a baby girl.
  17. Siri: Of Scandinavian origin, meaning "beautiful victory." Siri, once best known as the name of Apple’s virtual assistant, is short, sweet, and full of personality.
  18. Sephora: Of Hebrew origin, meaning "bird." Sephora is a biblical name with a modern feel, unique and vibrant.
  19. Saoirse: Irish for "freedom." Pronounced "seer-sha," Saoirse has gained popularity outside Ireland, especially among parents with Irish heritage or who value the concept of freedom.
  20. Seren: Welsh for "star." Seren is simple, lovely, and still quite uncommon outside of Wales, making it a stellar choice for those looking for something unique yet meaningful.

More Unique Girl Names That Start With S

21ShilinChinese"Intellectual" or "clever"
23SosieFrench"Safe, rest"
25SvevaItalian"Suebian" (a Germanic tribe)
27SynneNorwegian"Gift of the sun"
30SianWelsh"God's gracious gift"
31StarlaAmerican"A star"
32SisleyFrench"From Saint-Denis"
33SilverEnglish"The color silver"
35SiminPersian"Silvery, made of silver"
36SolianaAmharic"The sun"

Biblical Girl Names That Start With S

Biblical names carry profound meanings and historical significance. Selah, a term used frequently in the Book of Psalms, possibly means "pause, reflection" and is notable for its spiritual connotation. Shiloh, another name from the Bible, means "tranquil" and is associated with peace. These names are perfect for parents looking for a spiritual yet unique name.

  1. Sarah: Hebrew for "princess," Sarah is a pivotal figure in the Old Testament, the wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac. Her name symbolizes nobility and enduring popularity.
  2. Selah: Found frequently in the Psalms, Selah is thought to be a liturgical marker, possibly meaning "pause, reflect." It's used as a name for its graceful sound and spiritual significance.
  3. Shiloh: Meaning "peaceful," Shiloh is a biblical place with prophetic significance, often associated with the Messiah. It's a serene and gentle name choice.
  4. Susanna: Meaning "lily" in Hebrew, Susanna appears in the New Testament as a woman who ministered to Jesus. Her name evokes purity and beauty.
  5. Salome: Known in the New Testament for her dance before Herod, Salome means "peace." It has an exotic appeal with a strong biblical connection.
  6. Sapphira: A New Testament character known for her unfortunate end due to dishonesty, Sapphira means "beautiful" or "precious like the sapphire stone."
  7. Shiphrah: One of the Hebrew midwives who defied the Pharaoh's orders in Exodus, her name means "beautiful" or "bright."
  8. Serah: Mentioned in the Book of Genesis, Serah, daughter of Asher, was celebrated for her longevity and wisdom. Her name means "star" in Hebrew.
  9. Sharon: Derived from a place name in the Bible, meaning "a plain," Sharon connotes a straightforward, honest nature, and is associated with beauty through the rose of Sharon.
  10. Sheba: Referring to the Queen of Sheba who visited King Solomon, this name means "oath" or "seven" in Hebrew, symbolizing completeness and a pact.
  11. Shalom: A Hebrew word meaning "peace," Shalom is used as a greeting or farewell and as a name symbolizes a desire for tranquility.
  12. Shamira: Meaning "guardian" or "protector" in Hebrew, Shamira is a lesser-known biblical name that conveys strength and watchfulness.
  13. Shulamite: Appearing in the Song of Solomon, Shulamite is derived from Solomon, meaning "peaceful," and refers to a woman from the village of Shulem.
  14. Sarai: The original name of Sarah, meaning "my princess" in Hebrew, before God changed it to Sarah as a symbol of her destiny and blessings.
  15. Sela: Meaning "rock" in Hebrew, Sela is a biblical location noted in the books of Judges and Kings, symbolizing strength and steadfastness.
  16. Samara: Although not directly mentioned in the Bible, Samara is of Hebrew origin meaning "guardian" or "protected by God," often linked to the story of the Samaritan.
  17. Shachar: Hebrew for "dawn" or "morning light," Shachar is mentioned in the context of biblical poetry and symbolizes new beginnings and hope.
  18. Shoshana: A Hebrew variation of Susanna, meaning "lily" or "rose," Shoshana is a representation of beauty and renewal in biblical symbolism.
  19. Shamir: While typically male, Shamir can also be a female name, meaning "flint" or "sharp," indicative of resilience and strength.
  20. Shira: Hebrew for "song" or "poem," Shira appears in the context of songs and praises in the Bible, symbolizing joy and artistic expression.

More Biblical Girl Names That Start With S

25ShemiramothHebrew"Name of heights"
30ShunammiteHebrew"Their change"
32SidoniaHebrew"Of Sidon"
33SillaHebrew"A rock, a blind"
35SivanHebrew"Season, period"
38SyntycheGreek"Fate, chance" (Mentioned in New Testament)
39SapphoGreek"Sapphire" (Hellenistic influence)

Cool Girl Names That Start With S

Cool girl names that start with 'S' often have a modern, edgy vibe. Names like Skyler, Sloan, and Spencer fall into this category. Skyler, meaning "scholar," offers a trendy and unisex option. Sloan, meaning "warrior," is of Irish origin and presents a strong, assertive image. Spencer, though traditionally a boys' name, has gained traction for girls and exudes a cool, preppy feel.

  1. Skye: A name of Scottish origin, Skye refers to the Isle of Skye, a place known for its rugged beauty and mystical landscapes. It’s short, punchy, and evokes a sense of freedom and adventure.
  2. Sloane: Irish in origin, meaning "raider" or "warrior." Sloane has a sophisticated, cosmopolitan vibe, popular among parents looking for a name that is both stylish and strong.
  3. Sasha: Russian diminutive of Alexandra, meaning "defender of mankind." Sasha is trendy, with a versatile gender-neutral appeal that's chic and lively.
  4. Stormi: An English name that directly reflects the weather phenomenon. Stormi is dramatic and memorable, perfect for a girl with a strong, dynamic personality.
  5. Saylor: A unique American spelling variation of "sailor," this name has gained popularity for its nautical and adventurous connotations.
  6. Scout: Inspired by the iconic character Scout Finch from "To Kill a Mockingbird," this name is American in origin and exudes a sense of curiosity and boldness.
  7. Silver: An English name derived from the precious metal. Silver is sleek, shiny, and cool—ideal for parents who appreciate a name with both sparkle and substance.
  8. Sable: Of French origin, meaning "sand." Sable is also known as a small furry animal and a color shade, lending a luxurious and exotic feel.
  9. Sparrow: An English name referring to the bird, Sparrow is whimsical and spirited, with a natural charm that is both earthy and cool.
  10. Star: A name that simply means "celestial body." Star is an optimistic and bright choice, suitable for a child with a sparkling, standout personality.
  11. Sutton: An English name meaning "from the southern homestead." Sutton has a cool, preppy undertone, with a sound that's both modern and grounded.
  12. Seren: Welsh for "star," Seren is distinct and radiant. It’s a sleek, cool choice with a celestial touch, popular in Wales but still rare elsewhere.
  13. Selby: Of English origin, meaning "manor village." Selby has a vintage coolness, ideal for parents looking for a name that is both unusual and charming.
  14. Solace: Latin origin, meaning "comfort" or "consolation." Solace is a profound, thoughtful name, cool in its uniqueness and deep meaning.
  15. Sorrel: Of French origin, referring to a reddish-brown color and a type of herb. Sorrel is vibrant and earthy, with a fresh and zesty appeal.
  16. Saxon: An English name derived from the ancient tribe. Saxon is bold and powerful, with a cool, historical edge.
  17. Suede: Inspired by the smooth, soft fabric, Suede is unique and trendy, evoking a sense of luxury and a touch of the avant-garde.
  18. Sable: Already mentioned earlier for its luxurious and exotic feel, Sable remains a top choice for its cool, dark, and rich connotations.
  19. Shiloh: Of Hebrew origin, meaning "peaceful." Shiloh is cool for its soft sound and significant historical and cultural connections, including its association with Angelina Jolie's daughter.
  20. Sonnet: An English name meaning "little song." Sonnet is literary, sophisticated, and undoubtedly cool, appealing to those with an artistic streak.

More Cool Girl Names That Start With S

22SaffronEnglish"Yellow spice"
24SailorEnglish"Boat man"
29SapphireEnglish"Blue gemstone"
34ShadyAmerican"Sheltered by trees"
36SheenEnglish"Bright light"
37SherbetTurkish"Drink of water and fruit juice"
38ShimmerEnglish"Light flicker"
40SkadiNorse"Damage, injury"

Beautiful Girl Names That Start With S

In the realm of beauty, names such as Serena, Sienna, and Sylvie shine. Serena, of Latin origin meaning "tranquil, serene," is beautifully poetic. Sienna, inspired by the historic Tuscan city and meaning "orange-red," reflects beauty and earthiness. Sylvie, a French form of Sylvia, means "forest" and evokes images of grace and natural elegance.

  1. Seraphina: Of Hebrew origin meaning "fiery-winged," Seraphina is associated with angels known as seraphim, noted for their purity and light. It’s a name filled with beauty and ethereal qualities.
  2. Sienna: Derived from the Italian city known for its beautiful burnt-orange clay, Sienna suggests both warmth and earthy elegance. It's a name that's both artistic and striking.
  3. Savannah: An English name that refers to a large, flat grassy plain. It evokes images of vast, open spaces and has a smooth, flowing sound.
  4. Sylvie: A French variant of Sylvia, meaning "forest," Sylvie has a vintage charm with a hint of mystique, perfect for a nature-loving family.
  5. Simone: French for "hearer" or "listener," Simone is a name with a strong heritage, popularized by the philosopher Simone de Beauvoir. It's sophisticated and timeless.
  6. Sasha: A Russian diminutive of Alexandra, meaning "defender of mankind." Sasha is versatile and beautifully cosmopolitan.
  7. Selene: Of Greek origin meaning "moon," Selene is the name of a lunar deity, embodying quiet beauty and celestial mystery.
  8. Stella: Latin for "star," Stella has been a beloved name for centuries, suggesting light and hope. It’s poetic and vibrant.
  9. Sophie: A softer version of Sophia, meaning "wisdom" in Greek. Sophie is charming and sweet, with a classic European flair.
  10. Sarai: The original Hebrew form of Sarah, meaning "princess." Sarai offers a more unique twist on the classic Sarah, while retaining its beautiful, noble connotation.
  11. Samira: Of Arabic and Hebrew origin meaning "evening conversationalist" or "companion in evening talk." Samira is exotic and lovely, with a melodic quality.
  12. Sapphire: English in origin, referring to the precious blue gemstone. Sapphire is a name that denotes beauty and clarity, rich with color and luxury.
  13. Skye: A Scottish geographical name referring to the Isle of Skye, known for its rugged beauty. Skye is simple yet evocative of the serene skies.
  14. Sable: Originally a term for the black fur used in fashion, Sable suggests smoothness, richness, and dark beauty.
  15. Soraya: A Persian name meaning "princess" or "jewel." Soraya exudes a royal and exotic charm, perfect for a beloved daughter.
  16. Scarlett: An English name meaning "red," associated with strength and passion. Scarlett is both vibrant and profoundly beautiful.
  17. Shirin: Of Persian origin meaning "sweet," Shirin is historically significant and romantically linked to tales of love and admiration.
  18. Soleil: French for "sun," Soleil is radiant and sunny, a name full of warmth and cheerful brightness.
  19. Solana: Of Spanish origin meaning "sunlight" or "eastern wind." Solana is lyrical and reflects the beauty of nature.
  20. Selah: A Hebrew name found in the Psalms, likely meaning "pause, reflection." Selah is spiritual and gracefully poetic.

More Beautiful Girl Names That Start With S

21SabinaLatin"From Sabine"
24SariahHebrew"Princess of the Lord"
25SenaAfrican"This world's beauty or grace"
26SerenityEnglish"Peaceful disposition"
28ShaniaOjibwe"On my way"
30ShiraHebrew"Song" or "poem"
32SiobhanIrish"God is gracious"
37SonnetEnglish"Little song"

Cute and Pretty Girl Names That Start With S

For cute and pretty names, consider Scarlett, Sophie, and Sadie. Scarlett, originally signifying a person who sold scarlet, a rich red cloth, today is synonymous with vibrance and charm. Sophie, a diminutive of Sophia, means "wisdom" and retains a youthful, sweet aura. Sadie, originally a nickname for Sarah, offers a friendly, vintage appeal.

  1. Stella: Latin for "star," Stella is a name that literally means to shine, evoking images of the night sky twinkling with endless possibilities. It’s both classic and vibrant.
  2. Sophie: A Greek name meaning "wisdom." Sophie is softer and perhaps even more charming than its more formal counterpart, Sophia, making it a favorite among parents who prefer cute and friendly names.
  3. Sadie: Originally a nickname for Sarah, Sadie means "princess" in Hebrew. It has a spunky, sweet vibe, perfect for a lively and adorable girl.
  4. Sienna: Named after the Italian city famous for its beautiful burnt-sienna colored clay, Sienna is earthy and rich, yet cute and fashionable.
  5. Sasha: A Russian diminutive of Alexandra, meaning "defender of mankind." Sasha's popularity across various cultures adds to its appealing and approachable charm.
  6. Scarlett: An English name meaning "red," Scarlett is often associated with boldness and beauty, as well as the famous heroine Scarlett O’Hara from "Gone with the Wind."
  7. Skye: Referring to the Isle of Skye in Scotland, Skye is a geographical name that sounds modern and is imbued with a sense of adventure and whimsy.
  8. Savannah: Deriving from a Native American word, Savannah means "large, open plain"—a picturesque and gentle name that's as sweet as it is pretty.
  9. Selena: A name of Greek origin meaning "moon," Selena shares its etymology with Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon, adding a touch of the mystical and beautiful.
  10. Simone: French for "hearer" or "one who listens," Simone exudes a classy and sophisticated charm, while still maintaining a cute and friendly vibe.
  11. Summer: An English name that captures the essence of the sunny, joyful season. Summer is a lively and bright choice, evoking warmth and light.
  12. Sylvie: A French form of Sylvia, meaning "forest," Sylvie is quaint, pretty, and reminiscent of fairy tales and enchanting woodlands.
  13. Serena: Latin for "tranquil" or "serene," Serena is as beautiful in sound as it is in meaning, suggesting a calm and gentle personality.
  14. Sable: French for "sand," Sable is also a term used to describe a soft, sleek dark fur, making it both a unique and pretty choice.
  15. Seren: Welsh for "star," Seren is simple yet profoundly attractive, resonating with a quiet beauty and a celestial quality.
  16. Shayla: A modern American name possibly derived from Sheila or Shay, combined with the popular ‘-la’ suffix. Shayla is fun, easy-going, and delightful.
  17. Skyler: Of Dutch origin, meaning "scholar." Skyler, while modern and unisex, has a breezy and cute aura that’s hard to overlook.
  18. Sage: Derived from the herb used for its culinary and medicinal properties, Sage means "wise." It’s a short, sweet name that conveys both beauty and wisdom.
  19. Siri: Of Scandinavian origin meaning "beautiful victory." Siri, once known primarily as a virtual assistant, is gaining recognition as a cute and short name with a strong background.
  20. Sally: A diminutive of Sarah, meaning "princess." Sally is a retro name that has regained popularity for its vintage charm and sweet sound.

More Cute and Pretty Girl Names That Start With S

21SamaraHebrew"Guarded by God"
22SamiraArabic"Evening conversationalist"
23SandrineFrench"Defender of mankind"
24SaskiaDutch"Saxon woman"
25SeannaIrish"God is gracious"
26SelahHebrew"Pause, reflection"
27SelmaGerman"Divine protector"
29ShaniaOjibwe"I'm on my way"
31ShelbyEnglish"A sheltered town"
32SherlynAmerican"Beloved, beautiful"
36SidonieFrench"From Sidon"
37SierraSpanish"Mountain range"
38SineadIrish"God is gracious"
40StarlaAmerican"A star"

Common Girl Names That Start With S

Among the more common and beloved 'S' names are Stephanie, Susan, and Shannon. Stephanie, the feminine form of Stephen, means "crown" and has enjoyed popularity for its royal connotation. Susan, stemming from the Hebrew Shoshannah (meaning "lily"), is celebrated for its simplicity and elegance. Shannon, an Irish name meaning "old river," is appreciated for its connection to nature and its melodious sound.

  1. Sarah: Hebrew for "princess," Sarah is a perennial favorite due to its biblical roots as the wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac. It conveys a sense of elegance and timelessness.
  2. Samantha: A Hebrew-American creation meaning "told by God," Samantha has enjoyed widespread popularity since the 1960s, appealing for its classic sound and friendly nickname, Sam.
  3. Sophia: Greek for "wisdom," Sophia has been one of the top girl names due to its representation of virtue and sophistication. It’s cherished globally for its strong, yet graceful connotation.
  4. Stephanie: Derived from Stephen, meaning "crown" in Greek, Stephanie peaked in popularity in the 1980s and 1990s but remains a beloved choice for its regal tone.
  5. Sandra: A short form of Alexandra, meaning "defender of mankind" in Greek. Sandra was famously popular in the mid-20th century and continues to be well-liked for its mature and classic vibe.
  6. Sylvia: Latin for "forest," Sylvia evokes images of woodlands and nature. It has a vintage charm, appealing to modern parents who appreciate its old-world sound.
  7. Sharon: Hebrew for "a plain," Sharon was especially popular in the 1940s and 1950s. It's known for its biblical place name and gentle sound.
  8. Susan: Another Hebrew name, meaning "lily," Susan was a quintessential name of the 50s and 60s, known for its simplicity and beauty.
  9. Suzanne: A French form of Susan, meaning "lily." Suzanne adds a touch of French elegance to the simplicity of Susan, making it popular among parents looking for a classic name with a twist.
  10. Stacy: Derived from Eustace, meaning "fruitful" or "productive" in Greek. Stacy saw its peak in the late 20th century and is admired for its energetic and youthful feel.
  11. Selena: Of Greek origin, meaning "moon," Selena has been popularized by figures in music and culture, enhancing its appeal as both beautiful and contemporary.
  12. Sierra: Spanish for "mountain range," Sierra conveys a sense of rugged beauty and has been a popular choice for its evocative natural imagery.
  13. Simone: French derivative of Simon, meaning "one who hears." Simone possesses a chic and intellectual allure, often chosen for its association with the famous philosopher Simone de Beauvoir.
  14. Scarlett: An English name meaning "red," Scarlett is known for its association with the fiery character Scarlett O’Hara from "Gone with the Wind," symbolizing passion and determination.
  15. Sonia: An Eastern European variant of Sophia, meaning "wisdom." Sonia is globally recognized and respected, offering a more unique twist on the common Sophia.
  16. Skye: Referring to the Isle of Skye in Scotland, Skye is celebrated for its scenic beauty and mystical qualities, making it a poetic choice for a girl’s name.
  17. Summer: An English name that evokes the warmest season of the year, Summer is popular for its bright and cheerful connotations.
  18. Sally: A diminutive of Sarah, meaning "princess." Sally has a retro vibe and continues to be favored for its friendly and classic sound.
  19. Shelby: An English surname meaning "estate on the ledge," Shelby became popular as a girl's name in the late 20th century, known for its southern charm and literary connection to "Steel Magnolias."
  20. Shirley: Originally an English surname from a place meaning "bright clearing," Shirley became a common girl's name through the fame of actress Shirley Temple, known for its vintage charm.

More Common Girl Names That Start With S

21SavannahNative American"Large, open plain"
23SabrinaLatin"From the River Severn"
26SamaraHebrew"Guarded by God"
27SerenityEnglish"Peaceful disposition"
28SashaRussian"Defender of mankind"
30ShaniaOjibwe"On my way"
31ShannonIrish"Old river"
32ShaylaAmerican"Fairy palace"
33SidneyFrench"From Saint-Denis"
34SierraSpanish"Mountain range"
35SienaItalian"From Siena"
36SimoneFrench"One who hears"

Powerful Girl Names That Start With S

Lastly, powerful 'S' names like Scarlett, Sage, and Simone resonate with strength and influence. Sage, meaning "wise and knowing," doubles as a name and a valued herb in various cultures, symbolizing wisdom. Simone, a name of French origin that means "one who hears," has strong ties to power through associations with the philosopher Simone de Beauvoir.

  1. Serena: Of Latin origin, meaning "tranquil" or "serene," Serena conveys a strong, calm presence and unwavering confidence, embodying both peace and power.
  2. Scarlett: An English name meaning "red," often associated with courage and boldness, Scarlett has been popularized by the strong-willed character Scarlett O'Hara in "Gone with the Wind."
  3. Samantha: A Hebrew name meaning "told by God." Samantha conveys authority and prophecy, suggesting a powerful and influential persona.
  4. Stella: Meaning "star" in Latin, Stella symbolizes hope, guidance, and inspiration, traits associated with leadership and influence.
  5. Sofia: A variation of Sophia, meaning "wisdom" in Greek, Sofia is a name that resonates with intellectual power and profound insight.
  6. Sabrina: Of Celtic origin, derived from the River Severn. Sabrina is a mythological figure associated with strength and persistence, perfect for a girl of resilient character.
  7. Sydney: An English name from the Old English elements "wide" and "island," Sydney suggests expansiveness and a pioneering spirit.
  8. Sierra: Spanish for "mountain range," Sierra denotes strength and steadfastness, qualities essential for a strong and enduring personality.
  9. Sasha: Russian diminutive of Alexandra, meaning "defender of mankind." Sasha is a powerful name given to leaders and protectors.
  10. Shirley: An English name from a surname meaning "bright clearing." Historically, Shirley represented boldness and clarity, suitable for a decisive and influential figure.
  11. Sloane: Of Irish origin, meaning "raider." Sloane implies a fierce and strategic approach, ideal for someone who is tenacious and strong-willed.
  12. Selene: From Greek mythology, Selene is the goddess of the moon, representing powerful feminine energy and mystic influence.
  13. Sonia: Of Slavic origin meaning "wisdom." Sonia is a name that embodies intelligence and acumen, echoing the power of knowledge.
  14. Sage: Derived from the herb or the prophet, Sage means "wise." It is a name that suggests wisdom and spiritual insight, giving it a powerful aura.
  15. Salma: Of Arabic origin, meaning "safe" or "peace." Salma conveys a strong sense of security and leadership, suitable for a poised and influential individual.
  16. Stormy: An English name reflecting the ferocity of a storm. Stormy symbolizes a dynamic and formidable character.
  17. Samara: Of Hebrew origin, meaning "guardian" or "protected by God." Samara suggests protection and resilience, attributes of a powerful and safeguarded leader.
  18. Shania: Derived from the Ojibwe phrase "I'm on my way," Shania is a name that resonates with ambition and self-determination.
  19. Svetlana: A Slavic name meaning "light," symbolizing hope, clarity, and enlightenment—traits of a guiding and influential personality.
  20. Soraya: Of Persian origin meaning "princess" or "jewel." Soraya reflects leadership, wealth, and refinement, embodying a powerful and regal demeanor.

More Powerful Girl Names That Start With S

22ShebaHebrew"Oath" or "seven"
23SigourneyAmericanPossibly "daring king"
24SineadIrish"God is gracious"
26SolangeFrench"Solemn, dignified"
27SoleneFrench"Solemn, dignified"
29SpencerEnglish"Steward" or "administrator"
36SymoneFrench"Hear, listen"
37SyndeyOld English"Wide Island"
38SynthiaGreekVariant of Cynthia, "moon goddess"

In conclusion, girl names starting with 'S' offer a diverse range of options, each with its unique flair, meaning, and cultural significance. Whether you prefer something traditional, trendy, or totally unique, the letter 'S' provides plenty of inspiring choices to name your little girl. With such a wide array of beautiful, cool, and powerful names, parents can find the perfect 'S' name that speaks to their hopes and dreams for their daughter.

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