Girl Names That Start With J

When it comes to choosing a name for a baby girl, the letter J offers a wealth of beautiful and unique options. From timeless classics to more modern picks, names starting with J can convey strength, femininity, and grace. This guide will explore the charm and diversity of girl names beginning with J, broken down into categories to help you find the perfect name for your little one.

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Names like Jessica, Jennifer, and Julia have topped the charts for decades, showcasing their enduring appeal. These names are not only popular in English-speaking countries but also hold significance across various cultures, making them versatile choices for parents looking for a name with widespread recognition. Jessica, derived from Hebrew, means "God beholds," while Jennifer, of Cornish origin, translates to "white shadow" or "white wave." Julia, a name with Latin roots, signifies "youthful."

  1. Julia - Derived from the ancient Roman family name Julius, Julia means "youthful" or "Jove's child." It carries an aura of classic elegance and timeless appeal, often associated with strength and vivacity.
  2. Jessica - This name, popularized by Shakespeare in "The Merchant of Venice," likely has Hebrew origins meaning "to behold" or "God beholds." It's a name filled with artistic and literary significance.
  3. Jennifer - An English variant of the Welsh name Guinevere, meaning "fair one" or "white and smooth." It surged in popularity in the 20th century and is often associated with grace and classic beauty.
  4. Jasmine - Named after the fragrant flower, Jasmine has Persian origins and means "gift from God." The name evokes images of beauty, sweetness, and is often linked to purity and elegance.
  5. Julie - A diminutive of Julia, Julie means "youthful." It has a friendly and approachable vibe, popular in many Western countries as a name that's both simple and charming.
  6. Josephine - A French form of Joseph, this name means "Jehovah increases." It is often associated with resilience and sophistication, having been borne by notable historical figures like Josephine Bonaparte.
  7. Jade - After the precious green stone said to transmit wisdom, clarity, justice, and courage. Jade is of Spanish origin, meaning "stone of the side," referring to stones that were believed to cure kidney diseases.
  8. Joanna - A biblical name derived from Greek, meaning "God is gracious." It's a traditional name that carries a sense of historic dignity and devout faith.
  9. Jordan - Of Hebrew origin, meaning "flow down" or "descend," it is traditionally a unisex name often associated with the river in the Holy Land where Jesus was baptized.
  10. Jocelyn - This name has Old German and Latin origins, meaning "member of the Gauts tribe." It is popular for its soft sound and aristocratic aura.
  11. Jean - A French and English version of John, meaning "God is gracious." Jean is a simple, yet profound name with a deep biblical resonance.
  12. Jillian - A variant of Julian, meaning "youthful." It is often seen as a modern twist on a classic name, blending playfulness and sophistication.
  13. Joyce - Originating from Latin as a family name, Joyce means "lord." It later evolved into a first name representing joy and happiness, embodying a cheerful spirit.
  14. Janet - A diminutive of Jane, meaning "God is gracious." Janet carries a vintage charm with a gentle nod to classic strength and femininity.
  15. Jaime - A Spanish form of James, meaning "supplanter." It is a versatile name often used for both girls and boys, symbolizing strength and resilience.
  16. Jolie - French for "pretty," Jolie is not just a name but a compliment, evoking beauty and charm in its simplicity and elegance.
  17. Jacqueline - Originating from French, meaning "may God protect." It has an air of nobility and sophistication, often associated with the iconic first lady Jacqueline Kennedy.
  18. Jane - A classic English name derived from the Hebrew "Yochanan," meaning "God is gracious." Jane is renowned for its simplicity and depth, featured in many literary works.
  19. Julissa - A modern blend of Julie and Alissa, meaning "youthful." It's a contemporary name with a lyrical quality and youthful exuberance.
  20. Jenna - A variant of Jennifer, meaning "white and smooth" or "fair phantom." It combines modernity with a touch of mystical allure.
22JosieAmerican"God will add"
24JulietEnglish"Youthful" or "Jove's child"
25JoanHebrew"God is gracious"
27JaniceEnglish"God is gracious"
29JustineLatin"Fair, righteous"
30JanaSlavic"God is gracious"
31JohannaHebrew"God is gracious"
32JemmaItalian"Precious stone"
35JanelleAmerican"God is merciful"
36JanessaAmerican"God is gracious" + "butterfly"
37JessaHebrew"He sees"
39JeannetteFrench"God is gracious"

Unique Girl Names That Start With J

For those seeking a more distinctive name, Juniper, Jolene, and Jovie offer a fresh twist. Juniper, associated with the evergreen shrub, symbolizes protection and is gaining popularity as a unique choice for girls. Jolene, a more modern invention, has a melodic quality that might appeal to music-loving parents, inspired by the famous song by Dolly Parton. Jovie, from the word "jovial," suggests cheerfulness and is perfect for a joyful baby girl.

  1. Jovienne - A French-inspired name that evokes images of joviality and happiness. It means "joyful," perfect for a girl with a sunny and bright disposition.
  2. Jaelle - This name has Hebrew origins and means "mountain goat," symbolizing sure-footedness and strength. It's uncommon and has a lyrical quality to it.
  3. Jorani - Originating from Cambodian roots, Jorani means "radiant jewel." It's both exotic and beautiful, ideal for a cherished daughter.
  4. Juniata - An uncommon name with Native American roots, Juniata means "people of the standing stone." It has a historical and mystical feel, suitable for a girl with a strong connection to nature and heritage.
  5. Jenara - Derived from Latin, meaning "January." Jenara is unique and can symbolize new beginnings, making it a poetic and seasonal choice.
  6. Jadira - This name means "precious stone" in Arabic, perfect for a girl seen as valuable and strong. Its rarity adds to its appeal.
  7. Jindra - Of Czech origin, meaning "woman of strength." Jindra is vibrant and robust, well-suited for a girl with a strong personality.
  8. Jelka - A Slavic name meaning "fir tree." Jelka is rare and nature-themed, perfect for families who feel a deep connection to the forest and the outdoors.
  9. Juturna - From Roman mythology, Juturna was a goddess of fountains and wells. The name suggests purity and an endless source of life and inspiration.
  10. Jaine - A modern twist on Jane, meaning "God is gracious." Jaine is less common and provides a fresh take on a classic name.
  11. Jecca - A unique name with English origins, Jecca is thought to be a variation of Jessica and means "wealthy." It's modern and distinctive.
  12. Jovelle - A name with French roots, meaning "jovial" or "majestic." Jovelle is elegant and uncommon, perfect for a girl with a regal demeanor.
  13. Jaxine - An inventive name combining the trendy "Jax" sound with a feminine ending. It's modern and stylish.
  14. Juelle - Meaning "jewel" in a modern invented form, Juelle is unique and sounds like a treasure, fitting for a precious daughter.
  15. Jemini - Inspired by the zodiac Gemini, Jemini is quirky and perfect for a girl born under the Gemini sign or for parents who love astrology.
  16. Junelle - A combination of June and the common suffix "-elle," this name means "young" and is associated with freshness and vivacity.
  17. Jora - Of Hebrew origin, meaning "autumn rain." Jora is poetic and unusual, with a natural and serene vibe.
  18. Jazzlyn - A modern American name that blends "Jazz" with a feminine "-lyn" ending, suggesting a musical and rhythmic quality.
  19. Jerusha - A Hebrew name meaning "inheritance." Jerusha is biblical and robust, less commonly used today but with a rich heritage and strong presence.
  20. Justa - Latin for "just" or "fair," Justa is a name that embodies righteousness and equity, ideal for a girl with a strong sense of justice.

More Unique Girl Names That Start With J

21JacinthGreek"Precious stone"
22JavieraSpanish"New house"
24JenesiaAmerican"Modern invented"
27JazaraAmerican"Modern invented"
28JonquilEnglish"Yellow flower"
29JesseniaSpanish"Palm tree"
32JalissaAmerican"Modern combination"
33JamaineFrench"I love"
34JacarandaSpanish"Strong fragrance"
35JanuariaLatin"Born in January"
36JolentaPolish"Violet flower"
37JoliseAmerican"Joyful, happy"
38JudicaGerman"She who is praised"
39JaniqueFrench"God is gracious"
40JasleneAmerican"Modern invented"

Biblical Girl Names That Start With J

Biblical names carry profound meanings and a sense of historical depth. Joanna and Judith are both beautiful choices from this category. Joanna, a derivative of John, means "God is gracious," and was the name of one of the women who accompanied Jesus. Judith, meaning "woman from Judea," is a name borne by a strong biblical figure known for her courage and faith.

  1. Judith - From Hebrew, meaning "woman of Judea" or "praised." In the Bible, Judith is a heroic figure who saved her city from Assyrian attackers by her cunning and bravery.
  2. Joanna - Meaning "God is gracious." In the New Testament, Joanna is one of the women who followed Jesus and supported His ministry. It's a name that symbolizes devotion and generosity.
  3. Jemima - Means "dove" in Hebrew. Jemima is one of Job's three beautiful daughters in the Bible, symbolizing peace and beauty.
  4. Jezebel - A Hebrew name meaning "not exalted." Jezebel is a complex biblical character, often associated with false prophets, yet her name remains a symbol of strong will and determination.
  5. Julia - Meaning "youthful." While Julia is not a prominent biblical figure, it is mentioned in the New Testament as a Christian woman greeting the Romans.
  6. Jerusha - Means "inheritance." In the Bible, Jerusha is the mother of King Jotham of Judah, linked to heritage and legacy.
  7. Jael - Meaning "mountain goat." Jael is a heroine in the Book of Judges who courageously defended Israel, showing strength and strategic thinking.
  8. Johannah - A variant of Joanna, meaning "God is gracious." It's a less common version that retains a deep spiritual significance and graceful charm.
  9. Jaela - A modern variant of Jael, this name maintains the original's connotations of courage and victory, ideal for a strong and fearless girl.
  10. Janna - Derived from Johannah, meaning "God is gracious." It's a simpler form, offering a contemporary feel while keeping its biblical roots.
  11. Jericho - Named after the ancient city, Jericho means "city of the moon" in Hebrew. It's a unique choice, reflecting a rich historical and biblical heritage.
  12. Jethra - A rare name meaning "abundance." While not directly from a biblical character, it carries a sense of prosperity and growth, echoing biblical themes.
  13. Jacintha - A variant of the name Hyacinth, from the Hebrew family. It’s not directly biblical but has a spiritual connection through its historical and floral significance.
  14. Jubilee - From the Hebrew word "yobel," meaning "ram's horn," which was used to announce the Year of Jubilee, a time of celebration and forgiveness in ancient Israel.
  15. Jerushah - A variant of Jerusha, meaning "inheritance." It carries the same connotations of heritage and significance, evoking a sense of belonging and family legacy.
  16. Jordana - A feminine form of Jordan, meaning "flowing down." Jordana symbolizes the river's life-giving waters where Jesus was baptized.
  17. Josabeth - A less common form of Elizabeth, meaning "God is satisfaction." In the Bible, she saved her nephew from the massacre of male infants.
  18. Japhia - Meaning "brightness." Japhia is mentioned briefly in the Old Testament as a king of Lachish, but it can be a luminous name for a girl.
  19. Jorah - Meaning "early rain," which is vital for the growth of crops in arid regions. This name reflects sustenance and nurturing.
  20. Jetta - Although not directly biblical, Jetta can be considered a derivative of the Hebrew name Jethra, implying a connection to abundance and prosperity.

More Biblical Girl Names That Start With J

21JirehHebrew"The Lord will provide"
22JaninaHebrew"God is gracious"
23JaelleHebrew"Mountain goat"
24JesimielHebrew"God will establish"
25JizelleHebrew"Pledged to God"
26JobethHebrew"Oath of God"
27JanahHebrew"He has favored"
28JocabedHebrew"Glory of Jehovah"
29JosannaHebrew"Jehovah has forgiven"
30JezreelaHebrew"God will sow"
31JehoaddanHebrew"Pleasure of Jehovah"
33JeriothHebrew"Curtains, tents"
34JemimahHebrew"Day by day"
35JanethHebrew"God is merciful"
36JorathHebrew"His autumn rain"
37JoelahHebrew"Jehovah is his God"
38JophiaHebrew"Beauty, comeliness"
40JannahHebrew"Garden, paradise"

Cool J Girl Names

For a name that sounds modern and cool, consider options like Jett, Jinx, and Juno. Jett, though unisex, has a sharp and modern sound for a girl. Jinx, an unconventional name, carries an aura of mystery and fun. Juno, after the Roman goddess, who was a protector of women, offers both historical significance and a cool edge.

  1. Juno - Named after the Roman goddess of marriage and childbirth, Juno means "queen of the heavens." It's a powerful, celestial name, imbued with strength and dignity.
  2. Jovie - A playful and modern name meaning "joyful." It exudes happiness and lightheartedness, making it a delightful choice for a cheerful child.
  3. Jade - After the precious green stone, Jade symbolizes wisdom and purity. Its popularity stems from both its beauty as a jewel and its cool, sophisticated vibe.
  4. Joss - A short and punchy name of German origin meaning "one of the Goths." Joss is versatile and modern, appealing to contemporary tastes.
  5. Jazlyn - A modern invented name combining the jazzy flair of Jazz with a feminine "-lyn" ending. It's stylish and energetic, perfect for a lively personality.
  6. Jet - Originally a nickname for Jettie, Jet is cool and sharp, referencing the dark, gleaming gemstone or the speed of a jet airplane, ideal for a dynamic personality.
  7. Jinx - A name with a bit of mischief and magic, Jinx means "spell." It's unique and memorable, suitable for a girl with a charismatic and enchanting presence.
  8. Juno - A second mention due to its powerful resonance, Juno blends mythological grandeur with a sense of leadership and nobility.
  9. Jupiter - Derived from Roman mythology, Jupiter is the king of gods, though rare as a girl's name, it signifies grandeur and expansiveness, offering a bold and unique option.
  10. Jael - A Hebrew name meaning "mountain goat," known for its biblical reference to a heroine. Jael is both cool and historical, with a touch of rugged beauty.
  11. Jazz - A name that captures the essence of cool, Jazz is directly linked to the music genre known for its intricate and expressive sounds, suitable for a creative soul.
  12. January - Named after the first month of the year, which was named after the Roman god Janus. January implies new beginnings and a cool, wintry calmness.
  13. Jett - A name that conveys speed and power, derived from the sleek, black form of lignite used in jewelry. It’s bold and punchy.
  14. Joelle - A French name meaning "Jehovah is God." Joelle combines elegance with a modern flair, making it both cool and sophisticated.
  15. Jinx - Mentioned again for its playful and enchanting attributes, making it a standout choice for a girl with a spark of magic.
  16. Jem - Short for Jemima, Jem is a diminutive that feels modern and hip, reminiscent of the classic animated series, portraying a sense of fun and adventure.
  17. Justice - A virtue name that represents fairness and moral rightness. Justice is a modern, cool name that speaks to a sense of integrity and strength.
  18. Journey - Symbolizing a passage or progress from one stage to another, Journey is an evocative and meaningful name that's both unique and inspirational.
  19. Julep - Inspired by the minty cocktail, Julep is quirky and refreshing. It’s a playful name that could suit a spirited girl.
  20. Jaelle - A variant of Jael, adding a French feminine touch. It retains the original's strong and adventurous spirit with a more melodious sound.

More Cool J Girl Names

21JettaLatin"Jet black"
22JoaHebrew"God is gracious"
23JovanaSlavic"God is gracious"
26JazzyAmerican"Modern and lively"
30JoniAmerican"God is gracious"
32JaelaHebrew"Mountain goat"
33JairaHebrew"She enlightens"
34JandiKorean"Special and loved"
36JanicaSlavic"God is gracious"
37JeccaEnglish"Rich, God beholds"
38JorianScandinavian"Earth worker, farmer"
40JolenaAmerican"Modern invented name"

Common Girl Names That Start With J

Jane, Joan, and June represent some of the most commonly chosen names starting with "J." Jane, a variant of John, is a simple yet elegant name meaning "God is gracious." Joan, historically significant due to Saint Joan of Arc, conveys bravery and resilience. June, named after the summer month, suggests warmth and brightness, perfect for a girl born in or inspired by the summer.

  1. Jessica - A name made popular by Shakespeare in "The Merchant of Venice," Jessica is of Hebrew origin meaning "God beholds." It suggests a sense of foresight and spiritual insight, maintaining popularity across generations.
  2. Jennifer - Originating from the Cornish form of Guinevere, which means "white, fair, smooth." It was extremely popular in English-speaking countries during the latter half of the 20th century.
  3. Julia - Rooted in ancient Roman history, Julia derives from Julius and means "youthful." It’s a name that conveys timeless elegance and vivacity.
  4. Julie - A diminutive of Julia, meaning "youthful" in Latin. Julie has a friendly and unpretentious charm, associated with warmth and approachability.
  5. Jasmine - From the Persian word for the fragrant floral plant, Jasmine is a name that evokes beauty and sweetness, widely favored for its pleasant connotations and natural simplicity.
  6. Janet - A medieval diminutive of Jane, meaning "God is gracious." Janet carries a vintage charm with a solidly classic base, familiar yet not overly common in the modern era.
  7. Jean - Of French and English origin, derived from John, meaning "God is gracious." Jean is simple yet robust, carrying a sense of integrity and authenticity.
  8. Joan - Also from John, Joan means "God is gracious." Historically, it conjures the image of the courageous and legendary Joan of Arc, symbolizing strength and determination.
  9. Joyce - Derived from the Breton name Iodoc, which is influenced by the Latin word "jocius" meaning "merry." Joyce has an old-world charm but remains popular due to its joyful connotation.
  10. Jill - A short form of Jillian, which itself is a variant of Juliana, meaning "youthful." Jill is peppy and unpretentious, evoking a cheerful and lively spirit.
  11. Joanna - A biblical name meaning "God is gracious." It carries a deep religious heritage with a gentle yet pronounced poise that has appealed to many through the ages.
  12. Jordan - Originally a surname from the river that flows between Jordan and Israel, it means "flow down" or "descend." It’s a popular unisex name with significant biblical reference.
  13. Jacqueline - A French feminine form of Jacques, from Jacob, meaning "he who supplants." Jacqueline brings a touch of vintage French elegance and has royal connotations.
  14. Jocelyn - Originally a male name from the Germanic Gautzelin, which became a female name in English-speaking countries. It means "member of the Gauts tribe," and is known for its soft, yet strong sound.
  15. Jayla - A modern name possibly derived from combinations of the letter J and popular suffix "-la." Jayla sounds fresh, dynamic, and has a trendy appeal.
  16. Josie - A diminutive of Josephine, meaning "Jehovah increases." Josie is friendly and down-to-earth, a name that’s both cute and respectable.
  17. Josephine - A French form of Joseph, meaning "Jehovah increases." It’s a name imbued with grace and sophistication, often associated with the historical figure Josephine de Beauharnais, Napoleon's empress.
  18. Jamie - A unisex name of Hebrew origin meaning "supplanter." Jamie is versatile and laid-back, popular among both genders but particularly charming for girls.
  19. Jada - Of Hebrew origin meaning "wise." It’s a short and vibrant name that has gained popularity in recent decades, often chosen for its strong yet melodic sound.
  20. Juliana - A name of Latin origin meaning "youthful." Juliana is the feminine form of Julian, full of grace and elegance, and historically tied to royalty and nobility.

More Common Girl Names That Start With J

21JennaArabic"Small bird"
22JadeSpanish"Stone of the colic"
24JanelleAmerican"God is merciful"
27JessieHebrew"God is gracious"
28JaniceEnglish"God is gracious"
29JustineLatin"Just, fair"
30JoleneAmerican"Combination of Jo and Eileen"
32JemmaEnglish"Precious stone"
33JazminPersian"Jasmine flower"
34JanaSlavic"God is gracious"
35JoEnglish"Short for Josephine"
36JoniEnglish"God is gracious"

Cute and Pretty Girl Names That Start With J

Names like Jasmine, Juliet, and Joy are perfect for parents looking for something cute and pretty. Jasmine, associated with the sweet-smelling flower, is popular in various cultures and symbolizes purity. Juliet, from Shakespeare’s famous play, evokes romance and beauty. Joy, a name that stands for happiness and delight, is an excellent choice for a baby girl bringing joy to the family.

  1. Jasmine - A name of Persian origin, meaning "gift from God." Known for the beautiful and fragrant flower, Jasmine symbolizes elegance and grace, making it a favorite for its sweet and floral essence.
  2. Juliet - Derived from Latin, meaning "youthful." Juliet is immortalized in literature as the heroine of Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet," evoking romance and eternal beauty.
  3. Juniper - A fresh and earthy name from the evergreen shrub that produces berry-like cones. It symbolizes protection and is associated with freshness and vitality.
  4. Jolie - French for "pretty," Jolie is a name that's both simple and beautiful, perfectly capturing an essence of charm and attractiveness.
  5. Josephine - Of French origin, meaning "Jehovah increases." This name has a vintage quality and elegant sound, often associated with the famous empress, Josephine de Beauharnais.
  6. Jemima - A Hebrew name meaning "dove." In the Bible, Jemima is known for her beauty and fairness, making it a symbol of peace and attractiveness.
  7. Joy - An English name that literally means "happiness" or "joy." It's a sweet and straightforward name, often chosen for its positive and uplifting connotations.
  8. Jillian - A variant of Julian, meaning "youthful." Jillian has a cheerful ring to it, combining timeless appeal with a hint of playfulness.
  9. Jessa - A modern abbreviation of Jessica, meaning "God beholds." Jessa is trendy and cute, with a lively and youthful vibe.
  10. Jolene - A combination of Jo and the suffix "-lene" from names like Eileen. Jolene, popularized by Dolly Parton's song, conveys strength and beauty.
  11. Jaime - Of Spanish origin, meaning "supplanter." It's a versatile and gender-neutral name, but for a girl, it has a soft and pretty sound.
  12. Jenna - A diminutive form of Jennifer, meaning "white and smooth." Jenna is friendly and down-to-earth, with a natural elegance.
  13. Jada - Of Hebrew origin, meaning "wise." Jada combines modernity with depth, offering a strong yet cute naming choice.
  14. Jacinta - Spanish for "hyacinth," a beautiful and fragrant purple flower. It's a floral name that is as pretty in sound as in meaning.
  15. Jolie - Repeated for emphasis on its straightforward charm, this French name captures the quintessence of prettiness and allure.
  16. Janie - A diminutive of Jane, meaning "God is gracious." Janie has a vintage charm with a youthful twist, making it adorable and attractive.
  17. Juliana - Meaning "youthful" in Latin. Juliana is a more elaborate form of Julia, offering a regal and pretty flair.
  18. Jewel - An English name symbolizing a precious gemstone. Jewel is a term of endearment, reflecting value, beauty, and uniqueness.
  19. Jayla - A modern invented name that sounds gentle and pretty. It blends popularity with a smooth, lyrical quality.
  20. Jonquil - Named after a fragrant, yellow flower, Jonquil is unique and pretty, with a vintage charm and botanical association.

More Cute and Pretty Girl Names That Start With J

23JanessaAmerican"God is gracious" + "butterfly"
24JaniceEnglish"God is gracious"
25JasleneAmerican"Invented name"
27JosetteFrench"Little Josephine"
30JeannineFrench"God is gracious"
31JeanelleAmerican"God is gracious"
32JoniEnglish"God is gracious"
33JoelleFrench"Jehovah is God"
34JemEnglish"Gem" or "precious stone"
35JinaAfrican"Named child"
36JayleenAmerican"Jay + Lee"
38JorjaAmerican"Farmer" (variant of Georgia)
39JolandaItalian"Violet flower"
40JannahArabic"Garden, paradise"

Short Girl Names That Start With J

Short names are trendy, easy to pronounce, and often carry a lot of character. Jo, Jae, and Jai are excellent examples of succinct yet strong names. Jo, often a nickname for Josephine or Joanna, works well on its own too. Jae, of Korean origin, means "talent" or "wealth," and Jai, a variant of Jay, can signify victory.

  1. Jen - A simple and classic name, derived from Jennifer, meaning "white and smooth." Jen is versatile and universally recognized, offering a clean and concise identity.
  2. Joy - An English name that signifies happiness and delight. Joy is not only a name but a positive emotion, making it a bright and optimistic choice for a girl.
  3. Jai - Of Hindi origin, meaning "victory." Jai is an assertive and powerful name, often used as a nickname but strong enough to stand on its own.
  4. Jem - A diminutive of Jemima, meaning "dove." In the Western world, Jem also brings to mind the classic novel "To Kill a Mockingbird," where Jem is a key character, making it both literary and endearing.
  5. Jo - Often a nickname for longer names like Joanna or Josephine, meaning "God is gracious." Jo is spunky and spirited, with historical charm from literary figures like Jo March in "Little Women."
  6. Jae - A gender-neutral name of Korean origin meaning "wealth." Jae is simple yet striking, offering a modern flair with its concise spelling.
  7. Jet - Inspired by the black gemstone or the fast aircraft, Jet is dynamic and bold. It’s a cool, contemporary name that conveys energy and motion.
  8. Jan - A version of John in several languages, meaning "God is gracious." Jan is a popular name in various cultures, recognized for its simplicity and elegance.
  9. Jaz - Short for Jasmine or Jazlyn, meaning "jasmine flower." Jaz is modern and lively, with a musical connotation reminiscent of jazz music.
  10. Jen - A repeat for emphasis, Jen remains one of the most friendly and adaptable names, easy to pair with any last name and memorable in its simplicity.
  11. Jax - Typically seen as a boy's name but increasingly unisex, Jax means "God has been gracious." It’s trendy and has a sharp, edgy sound.
  12. Jin - A common name in Korean, meaning "precious" or "gold." Jin is short and impactful, suitable for parents looking for a culturally rich name.
  13. Jil - A variant of Jill, meaning "youthful." Jil is a less common spelling that adds a unique twist to a familiar name.
  14. Joi - A variant spelling of Joy, emphasizing happiness and pleasure. Joi is playful and charming, with a joyful personality.
  15. Jyl - An unusual spelling of Jill or Gail, offering a distinctive twist on a traditional name. Jyl is quirky and memorable.
  16. Jeb - Often used for boys, but with its brevity and punch, Jeb can be a quirky, offbeat choice for girls too, especially as a nickname.
  17. Jus - A creative shortening of Justice or a play on the Latin root for "law." Jus is unique and modern, perfect for a bold personality.
  18. Jon - Traditionally a male name, but like Sam or Alex, it can be gender-neutral. Jon is straightforward and no-nonsense, providing a strong foundation for any girl.
  19. Jen - Once more highlighting its popularity, Jen is easy to spell and pronounce, making it a perennial favorite among short names.
  20. Jed - Originating as a nickname for names like Jedidiah, meaning "beloved of the Lord." While typically masculine, Jed has a spunky, tomboy quality for girls.

More Short Girl Names That Start With J

21JynAmerican"Invented name"
22JemEnglish"Gem; precious stone"
23JaxAmerican"God has been gracious"
24JibEnglish"Stay, live"
25JeyAmerican"Modern invented"
26JolDutch"Yule; Christmas"
27JesAmerican"Short form of Jessica"
30JenEnglish"White and smooth"
31JoqInvented"Modern invented"
32JarEnglish"Container; to quarrel"
33JowAmerican"Modern invented"
35JypInvented"Modern invented"
36JizAmerican"Modern invented"
37JatEnglish"Modern invented"
38JivSlavic"Alive, living"
39JuzInvented"Modern invented"
40JylEnglish"Variant of Jill, youthful"

Long Girl Names That Start With J

For those who favor more elaborate names, Josephine, Julianna, and Jessamine are beautiful long names beginning with "J." Josephine, derived from Joseph, means "Jehovah increases" and is rich with vintage charm. Julianna combines the youthfulness of Julia with the elegance of Anna. Jessamine, another variant of Jasmine, offers a more elaborate take on the delicate flower’s name.

  1. Josephina - A Spanish variant of Josephine, meaning "Jehovah increases." Josephina is elegant and timeless, carrying a regal tone perfect for a name filled with grace and history.
  2. Jacqueline - Of French origin, derived from Jacob, meaning "supplanter." Jacqueline has an air of sophisticated charm, commonly associated with the former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy, embodying class and poise.
  3. Julietta - An Italian variant of Juliet, meaning "youthful." Julietta is more ornate and romantic, perfect for lovers of classic literature and rich, melodic names.
  4. Jocelynn - An alternate spelling of Jocelyn, from the Old German for "member of the Gauts tribe." Jocelynn adds a modern twist to a traditional name, enhancing its uniqueness with an extra 'n.'
  5. Julianna - A variant of Juliana, meaning "youthful; graceful." Julianna combines the classic beauty of Julia with a more complex and rhythmic end, making it sound both sophisticated and playful.
  6. Jezebella - A dramatic and modernized version of Jezebel, which means "not exalted." Jezebella is bold and powerful, an unusual choice that captures attention with its strong biblical associations.
  7. Jehosheba - From Hebrew, meaning "oath of Jehovah." A rare and beautiful biblical name, Jehosheba was noted for her bravery in the scriptures, making it a name with both historical depth and spiritual significance.
  8. Jessamine - An alternative spelling of Jasmine, referring to the jasmine flower. Jessamine has an old-fashioned charm, evoking elegance and a sweet floral scent.
  9. Johnetta - A feminine form of John, meaning "God is gracious." Johnetta is rare and possesses a vintage charm, offering a unique alternative to the more common Joan or Jane.
  10. Jeannemarie - A compound of Jeanne and Marie, meaning "God is gracious" and "beloved." Jeannemarie blends two traditional names into one, creating a doubly meaningful and classic choice.
  11. Jordannah - A creative combination, incorporating Jordan with the suffix "-ah," meaning "flow down" or "descend." Jordannah is a contemporary name that maintains biblical ties with a fresh twist.
  12. Januaria - A name derived from Janus, the Roman god of beginnings and transitions. Januaria suggests new beginnings and would be a particularly meaningful name for a girl born in January.
  13. Jasminder - A combination of Jasmine and the popular Indian suffix "-inder," meaning "lord" or "prince." Jasminder is a fusion name that bridges cultures, offering both beauty and a regal bearing.
  14. Josefina - A Spanish and Swedish variant of Josephine, meaning "Jehovah increases." Josefina is soft yet pronounced, carrying a blend of cultural richness and classical beauty.
  15. Julianella - A rare and ornate derivative of Julia, meaning "youthful." Julianella is whimsical and fairy-tale-like, suited for those seeking a unique name with historical depth.
  16. Jazminique - An invented name that combines Jasmine with a unique suffix, suggesting uniqueness and individuality. Jazminique is modern, trendy, and distinct, perfect for parents looking for something truly one-of-a-kind.
  17. Jerusalema - Inspired by the city of Jerusalem, meaning "foundation of peace." Jerusalema is both spiritual and profound, resonating with a deep historical and cultural significance.
  18. Jessicalee - A modern American invention that combines Jessica and Lee. Jessicalee is personalized and could represent a family name combining several generations.
  19. Joliette - A French-influenced name, diminutive of Jolie, meaning "pretty." Joliette is charming and sophisticated, with a lyrical quality that enhances its appeal.
  20. Justinianna - A variant of Justina, meaning "just," "fair," or "righteous." Justinianna is an elaborated form that sounds both historical and noble.

More Long Girl Names That Start With J

21JosephinabellaItalian/French"Jehovah increases" + "beautiful"
22JennifernicoleEnglish"White fairy" + "people of victory"
23JazlynmarieAmerican"Jazz" + "beloved"
24JessicanneAmerican"God beholds" + "grace"
25JanetteleighFrench/English"God is gracious" + "meadow"
26JuliamichelleLatin/French"Youthful" + "who is like God?"
27JamillahoseanaArabic/Hebrew"Beautiful" + "salvation"
28JanniferroseEnglish"God is gracious" + "rose"
29JoannaheleneHebrew/Greek"God is gracious" + "bright, shining light"
30JustineelizabethLatin/Hebrew"Just, fair" + "God is my oath"
31JonathalynHebrew/English"Gift of Jehovah" + "lake"
32JacquelineruthFrench/Hebrew"Supplanter" + "companion, friend"
33JazminekathleenPersian/Irish"Jasmine flower" + "pure"
34JocelynvictoriaGerman/Latin"Member of the Gauts tribe" + "victory"
35JeanetteameliaFrench/German"God is gracious" + "work"
36JuliannapatriceLatin/Latin"Youthful" + "noble"
37JemimahcatherineHebrew/Greek"Dove" + "pure"
38JunipergraceLatin/English"Young" + "graciousness"
39JosetteclarisseFrench/Latin"Little Josephine" + "bright, clear"
40JerushajeanneHebrew/French"Inheritance" + "God is gracious"

In conclusion, whether you are drawn to popular, unique, biblical, cool, common, cute, short, or long names, the letter "J" provides a plethora of options for girl names. Each name carries its own history, meaning, and style, making it essential to choose one that resonates most with your hopes for your daughter's identity.

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