Boy Names That Start With A

Choosing a name for a baby boy is a significant decision for parents, marking an important part of his identity. Names that start with the letter A are popular due to their strong, leading character. This article explores a diverse range of boy names starting with 'A', from rare and unique to classic and culturally rich, helping parents find the perfect name that resonates with their hopes and heritage.

Boy Names That Start With A
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  1. Rare and Unique Boy Names That Start With A
  2. Cool and Cute Boy Names That Start With A
  3. Biblical Boy Names That Start With A
  4. Classic and Old-Fashioned Boy Names That Start With A
  5. Italian, French, and Spanish Boy Names That Start With A
  6. Classical Latin and Greek Boy Names That Start With A
  7. Conclusion

Rare and Unique Boy Names That Start With A

Exploring rare and unique boy names is exciting for parents looking to give their child a distinctive start. Names like 'Alaric', meaning "all-powerful ruler," and 'Ansel', which signifies "with divine protection," offer uniqueness with meaningful etymologies. 'Axton', a less common name, means "sword stone," reflecting strength and durability. These names stand out in a crowd and provide a sense of individuality and presence.

  1. Alden: Originating from Old English, Alden means "old, wise friend." It conveys a sense of wisdom and reliability, often appealing to parents looking for a name with historical depth and noble qualities.
  2. Aurelian: This Latin-derived name means "golden." Aurelian was a Roman emperor known for his military victories and administrative reforms, making this name synonymous with power and brilliance.
  3. Astor: With French and German roots, Astor means "hawk" or can imply "wealth." It gained prominence through John Jacob Astor, one of the wealthiest people in history, associated with luxury and success.
  4. Alaric: A powerful Germanic name, Alaric means "all-powerful ruler." It is historically notable for its association with Alaric I, the Visigoth king who sacked Rome.
  5. Ansel: Derived from the German word for "with divine protection." Ansel Adams, a famous photographer, has popularized this name, which suggests creativity and a protective nature.
  6. Aramis: A name of French origin used by Alexandre Dumas in his classic "The Three Musketeers." Its meaning is not well-defined but is often associated with adventure and nobility.
  7. Arden: Coming from English, Arden means "valley of the eagle." It is also known through the Forest of Arden in Shakespeare's works, suggesting a poetic and naturalistic element.
  8. Avon: A Celtic name meaning "river." Shakespeare's association with the River Avon gives this name a literary prestige and a tranquil, flowing quality.
  9. Axton: An English name meaning "sword stone," Axton conjures images of strength and steadfastness, suitable for a strong-willed child.
  10. Azaiah: In Hebrew, Azaiah means "my strength is Yahweh." It is a profound name reflecting faith and spiritual resilience.
  11. Alban: Originating from Latin, Alban means "white." It is historically associated with Saint Alban, regarded as the first British martyr, giving it a layer of religious and moral depth.
  12. Audric: A German name meaning "old and wise ruler." Audric combines traditional wisdom with leadership, ideal for a boy destined to lead with thoughtfulness and insight.
  13. Aldous: Of Germanic origin, Aldous means "old." Made famous by British writer Aldous Huxley, it suggests intellect and contemplation.
  14. Anatole: A Greek name meaning "sunrise," Anatole conveys new beginnings and hope, perfect for a child born at a significant time.
  15. Altair: An Arabic name meaning "the flyer," also the name of the brightest star in the constellation Aquila, symbolizing high aspirations and adventure.
  16. Auberon: Of German and French origins, Auberon means "noble" or "bearlike." It carries a regal and strong connotation, suitable for a charismatic child.
  17. Alpheus: A Greek name with uncertain meaning, known through mythology as a river god. Alpheus suggests mystery and depth, appealing to parents looking for a name with mythological ties.
  18. Amias: This Latin name means "loved." It is a gentle and affectionate name, evoking warmth and fondness.
  19. Arlo: An English name possibly derived from "army hill." Arlo has gained popularity recently, blending a vintage feel with modern coolness.
  20. Aspen: Named after the tree, Aspen conveys natural beauty and resilience, popular among parents who appreciate nature and tranquility.

More Rare and Unique Boy Names That Start With A

21AsaHebrew"Healer" or "physician"
23AlcottEnglish"From the old cottage"
24AnsleyEnglish"From the hermitage field"
25AldricGerman"Old ruler"
27AzrielHebrew"God is my help"
28AzielHebrew"God is my strength"
29AneirinWelsh"Very golden"
31AmadeusLatin"Love of God"
33AlistairScottish"Defender of men"
34AmoryGerman, French"Brave" or "industrious leader"
35AlonzoItalian, Spanish"Noble and ready"
36AjaxGreek"Of the earth"
37AmerigoItalian"Ruler of work"
38ArnoldGerman"Eagle power"
40ArmandFrench"Army man"

Cool and Cute Boy Names That Start With A

For parents seeking a balance between cool and adorable, names starting with 'A' can be a perfect choice. 'Arlo', a name of unknown origin, has gained popularity for its trendy and charming sound. 'Asher', meaning "happy" or "blessed," not only sounds modern but also carries a joyful connotation. 'Ace', often associated with being number one, exudes a cool demeanor. These names are both pleasant to the ear and fashionable.

  1. Archer: From English origin, Archer means "bowman." It suggests precision and focus, perfect for parents envisioning a strong yet approachable personality for their son.
  2. Axel: A Scandinavian name meaning "father of peace." Popularized by musicians and celebrities, Axel combines a rugged appeal with an underlying message of tranquility and harmony.
  3. Asher: In Hebrew, Asher means "happy" or "blessed." This name is both upbeat and charming, ideal for a joyful boy who lights up any room.
  4. Atlas: Derived from Greek mythology, where Atlas was a titan tasked with holding up the sky. This name conveys strength and endurance, appealing for its mythological roots and sense of adventure.
  5. Arlo: An English name possibly derived from "army hill." Arlo is trendy yet timeless, offering a blend of classic sound with a modern edge.
  6. Ace: English in origin, meaning "one" or "unity." Ace is a short and punchy name that stands out as a leader and top performer.
  7. August: From the Latin word "Augustus," meaning "majestic," "the increaser," or "venerable." August is both dignified and approachable, perfect for a boy born in summer or for parents who favor a slightly vintage flair.
  8. Alfie: A diminutive of Alfred, meaning "elf" or "wise counsel" in Old English. Alfie is friendly and spirited, popular in Britain and gaining more attention worldwide.
  9. Ashton: Originally an English surname meaning "ash tree town." Ashton brings to mind the outdoors and sturdiness, paired with a modern celebrity influence.
  10. Avery: Of Old English origin, meaning "ruler of the elves." Avery has a magical quality while being versatile and gender-neutral.
  11. Apollo: Another name from Greek mythology, Apollo was the god of music, arts, knowledge, and the sun. It’s a name that resonates with cultural richness and historical depth.
  12. Aiden: An Irish name meaning "little fire." Aiden is lively and energetic, suitable for a child with a sparky and vibrant personality.
  13. Angus: Of Gaelic origin meaning "one strength." Known for its association with Scotland and nobility, Angus is both traditional and unique.
  14. Albie: A cute and affectionate diminutive of Albert, meaning "noble, bright." Albie has a vintage charm and is gaining popularity as a fashionable choice.
  15. Ansel: Derived from the German word for "with divine protection." This name is associated with Ansel Adams, suggesting creativity and a protective nature.
  16. Alistair: A Scottish variant of Alexander, meaning "defender of men." Alistair is both classic and distinguished, with a stylish British tone.
  17. Atticus: Latin for "man of Attica," popularized by the character Atticus Finch in "To Kill a Mockingbird." It embodies wisdom and integrity.
  18. Asa: A Hebrew name meaning "healer" or "physician." Asa is simple yet profound, ideal for a boy who might be a calming and healing presence.
  19. Alvin: Of Old English origin, meaning "elf friend." Alvin combines folklore charm with a friendly persona.
  20. Anakin: Created for the "Star Wars" saga, meaning is unknown but the name evokes modernity and innovation.

More Cool and Cute Boy Names That Start With A

22AldenEnglish"Old, wise friend"
23AriesLatin"Ram," a zodiac sign
25ArmaniItalianAssociated with luxury and style
26ArrowEnglishSymbolic of direction and purpose
27AstonEnglish"Noble stone"
28AudenOld English"Old friend"
30AustinEnglish"Great, magnificent"
31AxlScandinavian"Father of peace"
32AzraelHebrew"Angel of God"
33AeonGreek"Age, vitality"
34AlaricGermanic"All-powerful ruler"
35AldoItalian"Old" or "noble"
36AlecScottishForm of Alexander, "defender"
38AndersonScandinavian"Son of Anders"
39AnsonEnglish"Anne's son"
40ArdenEnglish"Valley of the eagle"

Biblical Boy Names That Start With A

Biblical names carry profound meanings and historical significance, often embodying virtues and spiritual strength. 'Abraham', meaning "father of many nations," is a classic and revered name. 'Aaron', which stands for "exalted," "enlightened," or "high mountain," is another popular choice from the Bible. 'Amos', meaning "carried by God," offers a less common alternative that is both solemn and significant.

  1. Aaron: In the Bible, Aaron was Moses' older brother and Israel's first high priest. This Hebrew name means "exalted" or "strong," reflecting leadership and spiritual strength.
  2. Abel: Known as Adam and Eve's second son, Abel was a shepherd who was tragically killed by his brother Cain. His name is believed to mean "breath" or "vanity" in Hebrew, symbolizing brevity and purity.
  3. Abraham: Originally Abram, meaning "high father," Abraham's name was changed by God to mean "father of many" in Hebrew, reflecting his role as the ancestor of the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic faiths.
  4. Absalom: The name of King David's third son, known for his rebellion and tragic death. Absalom means "father of peace" in Hebrew, which is ironic given his tumultuous life.
  5. Adam: The first human created by God, according to the Bible. Adam's name comes from the Hebrew for "man" or "to be red," referring to the red earth from which he was formed.
  6. Amos: A prophet from the Old Testament, Amos's name means "carried" in Hebrew. He is known for his advocacy for social justice and his focus on God's wrath against those who oppress the poor.
  7. Andrew: One of Jesus' apostles, originally a fisherman. Andrew is a Greek name meaning "manly" or "brave." He is considered a symbol of humility and brotherhood.
  8. Asa: A king of Judah noted for his religious reforms. Asa means "healer" or "physician" in Hebrew, reflecting his efforts to rid the kingdom of idolatry.
  9. Asher: One of Jacob's twelve sons, his name means "happy" or "blessed" in Hebrew. Asher was promised a life of abundance and joy.
  10. Amaziah: A king of Judah who reigned in Jerusalem, known for his initial obedience to God. His name means "strengthened by Yahweh" in Hebrew.
  11. Azariah: Means "helped by God" in Hebrew. Several figures in the Bible bear this name, including a king of Judah and three Hebrew youths who were thrown into a fiery furnace but saved by divine intervention.
  12. Amminadab: A prominent figure in the genealogy of Jesus, his name means "my kinsman is noble" in Hebrew. He is noted for his role in the lineage of King David.
  13. Ananias: Several Ananiases appear in the Bible, including one who was struck dead for lying to the Holy Spirit. His name means "Yahweh has been gracious."
  14. Aquila: A Christian tentmaker in the New Testament who worked alongside Paul. Aquila is a Latin name meaning "eagle," symbolizing sharp insight and strength.
  15. Ahab: A king of Israel known for his idolatry and conflicts with the prophet Elijah. His name means "uncle" in Hebrew, though his reign is often remembered for negative reasons.
  16. Ahijah: A Hebrew prophet who foretold the division of Israel. His name means "Yahweh is my brother," reflecting a close relationship with God.
  17. Ahaz: A king of Judah who made a controversial alliance with Assyria. Ahaz means "he has held" or "possessor" in Hebrew.
  18. Adriel: A Hebrew name meaning "flock of God." Adriel was married to Saul’s daughter Michal, although their marriage is a minor story in the biblical narrative.
  19. Amasa: Commander of Absalom’s army and later David’s army. His name means "burden" in Hebrew.
  20. Artaxerxes: A Persian king mentioned in the Book of Ezra and Nehemiah. While not Hebrew in origin, his rule influenced significant biblical events. Artaxerxes means "great king" in Persian.

More Biblical Boy Names That Start With A

21AbelbethmaachahHebrew"Meadow of the house of Maachah"
22AbielHebrew"God is my father"
23AbiramHebrew"My father is exalted"
24AbishaiHebrew"My father is a gift"
25AbishalomHebrew"Father of peace"
26AbnerHebrew"Father of light"
27AbrahamHebrew"Father of many"
28AbramHebrew"High father"
30AdaiahHebrew"Ornament of the Lord"
31AdinHebrew"Delicate, slender"
32AdlaiHebrew"My ornament"
34Adoni-BezekHebrew"Lord of Bezek"
35AdonijahHebrew"The Lord is my master"
36AhimelechHebrew"Brother of the king"
37AhitubHebrew"Brother of goodness"
40AmariahHebrew"The Lord has said"

Classic and Old-Fashioned Boy Names That Start With A

Classic names have stood the test of time, offering a sense of elegance and tradition. 'Arthur', possibly meaning "bear" or "noble," brings to mind the legendary king and hero. 'Albert', which means "noble and bright," conveys dignity and intelligence. 'Alfred', meaning "elf counsel" or "wise elf," combines whimsy with wisdom. These names resonate with historical depth and timeless charm.

  1. Albert: Derived from Germanic elements meaning "noble" and "bright." Albert has been borne by royalty across Europe and is associated with the intellectual Albert Einstein, giving it a timeless and distinguished air.
  2. Alfred: Meaning "elf counsel" in Old English. Alfred the Great, a 9th-century king, known for defending England against Viking invaders, popularized this wise and noble name.
  3. Arthur: This legendary name is of uncertain origin, possibly meaning "bear" or "stone" in Celtic. King Arthur of the Round Table imbues this name with chivalry and romance.
  4. Augustus: A Latin name meaning "majestic," "venerable," or "great." Augustus was the title given to the first Roman emperor, lending a regal and historic weight to the name.
  5. Archie: Originally a diminutive of Archibald, which means "genuine" and "bold" in German. Archie has seen a recent resurgence in popularity, blending old-school charm with modern simplicity.
  6. Archibald: Of German origin, meaning "truly brave." Archibald is a stately name that carries an air of antique nobility and bravery.
  7. Arnold: Derived from German elements meaning "eagle" and "power." Arnold conjures images of strength and resilience, bolstered by associations with figures like Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  8. Allan: A variant of Alan, possibly derived from a Celtic word meaning "rock." Allan is smooth, classic, and lends a certain literary flair, recalling poet Allan Poe.
  9. Abraham: From Hebrew, meaning "father of many." A biblical patriarch, Abraham is a name rich with spiritual and historical significance, denoting leadership and faith.
  10. Ansel: Germanic in origin, meaning "with divine protection." Ansel Adams, a notable photographer, has helped maintain this name's appeal as artistic and protective.
  11. Ambrose: Of Greek origin, meaning "immortal." Saint Ambrose, a notable bishop of Milan, was a revered figure in early Christianity, and the name continues to exude an intellectual and timeless quality.
  12. Angus: Meaning "one strength" from Gaelic origins. Angus is traditionally Scottish, associated with both saintliness and the robust nature of Angus cattle.
  13. Alvin: Old English for "elf friend." Alvin has a whimsical yet grounded tone, historically less common but with a quaint charm.
  14. Amos: A Hebrew name meaning "carried;" Amos was an Old Testament prophet known for his emphasis on social justice, adding a moral depth to this strong name.
  15. Alastair: Scottish version of Alexander, meaning "defender of the people." Alastair has a distinctly noble and somewhat romantic flavor, making it a stylish choice.
  16. Alistair: Similar to Alastair but often with more British usage, maintaining the same meaning and refined, classic resonance.
  17. Anton: From Latin "Antonius," possibly meaning "priceless." Anton Chekhov, the famous playwright, gives this name a cultural and timeless appeal.
  18. Abner: Hebrew for "father of light." In the Bible, Abner was a commander who showed notable wisdom and courage, adding an old-fashioned yet bold dimension.
  19. Asa: Meaning "healer" in Hebrew. Asa is a biblically kingly name that has retained its concise charm and simplicity over centuries.
  20. Alonzo: Of Italian and Spanish origin, meaning "noble and ready" or "eager." Alonzo is a melodious name that carries a touch of the aristocratic, suitable for a boy with a strong and lively spirit.

More Classic and Old-Fashioned Boy Names That Start With A

21AdrianLatin"Sea" or "water"
22AveryOld English"Ruler of the elves"
23AlaricGermanic"All-powerful ruler"
24AltonOld English"Old town"
25AnthonyLatin"Priceless one"
26AbelardGerman"Noble strength"
27AlgernonFrench"Mustached man"
28AmoryGerman"Brave power"
29AnsonEnglish"Anne's son"
30ArnoldGerman"Eagle power"
31AugustineLatin"Great" or "venerable"
32AldrichOld English"Old ruler"
33AlphonseGermanic"Noble, ready"
34AloysiusOld German"Famous warrior"
35AmadeusLatin"Love of God"
36AmedeoItalian"To love God"
38AndersScandinavian"Manly" or "brave"
39AndersonScandinavian"Son of Anders"
40AnselmGerman"God's helmet" or "protected by God"

Italian, French, and Spanish Boy Names That Start With A

Names from Italian, French, and Spanish origins carry a romantic and lyrical quality, perfect for parents looking to reflect their cultural heritage or love for these languages. 'Antonio', a widespread name in all three cultures, means "priceless one." 'Adrián', from Latin origin meaning "sea" or "water," is popular in Spanish-speaking countries. 'Armand', French for "army man," offers a strong and resonant choice. Each of these names is not only beautiful but also rich in cultural significance.

  1. Alessandro: An Italian version of Alexander, meaning "defender of the people." Alessandro combines classic charm with a romantic flair, popular among those seeking a strong yet artistic name.
  2. André: French for Andrew, meaning "manly" or "brave." André exudes a cosmopolitan and sophisticated air, suitable for parents looking for a name with international appeal.
  3. Antonio: A Spanish and Italian name meaning "priceless" or "inestimable value." Antonio has a timeless and universal appeal, featured prominently in literature and popular culture.
  4. Arnaud: A French name derived from the Germanic Arnold, meaning "eagle power." Arnaud has a noble ring to it, often associated with strength and leadership.
  5. Adriano: Italian and Spanish form of Adrian, meaning "sea" or "water." Adriano is lyrical and strong, with a sense of adventure and openness.
  6. Alfonso: A Spanish name meaning "noble and ready." Alfonso has been borne by Spanish and Italian kings, making it a name of royal stature and historical depth.
  7. Alain: French derivation of Alan, meaning "rock." Alain is simple yet elegant, carrying a subtle charm and an air of intellect.
  8. Aurelio: An Italian and Spanish name meaning "golden." Aurelio is vibrant and majestic, suggesting warmth and richness.
  9. Anselmo: An Italian and Spanish name meaning "God's helmet." Anselmo is powerful and unique, appealing to parents looking for a name with both protective and spiritual overtones.
  10. Alberto: Italian and Spanish form of Albert, meaning "noble and bright." Alberto is a traditional name that has retained its elegance and appeal across generations.
  11. Amadeo: Italian name meaning "lover of God." Amadeo conveys a sense of devotion and beauty, making it a profound choice for a boy.
  12. Armando: Spanish and Italian name meaning "soldier" or "army man." Armando is robust and classic, ideal for a boy with a strong and courageous spirit.
  13. Aldo: Italian name possibly derived from the Old German for "old" or "noble." Aldo is stylish and minimalist, popular in various artistic circles.
  14. Auguste: French version of Augustus, meaning "majestic" or "venerable." Auguste has a dignified and impressive presence, reminiscent of historical grandeur.
  15. Arturo: Italian and Spanish form of Arthur, possibly meaning "bear" or "stone." Arturo is associated with the legendary King Arthur, blending mythic qualities with cultural depth.
  16. Alexandre: French version of Alexander, meaning "defender of the people." Alexandre is a name of enduring popularity and classical elegance.
  17. Alvaro: Spanish name meaning "guardian" or "elf army." Alvaro is evocative of protection and strength, suitable for a resilient individual.
  18. Amadis: Derived from the French "amadis," associated with medieval romances. Amadis is whimsical and literary, perfect for a child with a storybook charm.
  19. Alfredo: Italian and Spanish version of Alfred, meaning "elf counsel." Alfredo is both venerable and charming, associated with warmth and wisdom.
  20. Anatole: French name meaning "from the east, sunrise." Anatole is poetic and reflective, suited for a boy with a thoughtful and optimistic nature.

More Italian, French, and Spanish Boy Names That Start With A

21AdrienneFrench"From the city Hadria"
22AgustinSpanish"Venerable, esteemed"
24AlfonseFrench"Ready for battle"
25AlonsoSpanish"Noble and ready"
26AmauryFrench"Work power"
27AmerigoItalian"Home ruler"
28AmilcareItalian"Strength of Melqart"
29AnacletoItalian"Called back"
32AnnibaleItalian"Grace of Baal"
33AnselFrench"With divine protection"
36ArnaudFrench"Eagle power"
37ArsenioSpanish"Virile, potent"
39AttilioItalian"Little father"

Classical Latin and Greek Boy Names That Start With A

Drawing from the roots of Western civilization, Classical Latin and Greek names are profound and storied. 'Alexander', meaning "defender of the people," is a powerful name with historical gravitas thanks to Alexander the Great. 'Augustus', meaning "great" or "venerable," was borne by the first Roman emperor, reflecting nobility and grandeur. 'Apollo', the Greek god of music, healing, and the sun, offers a name that is both lyrical and mighty.

  1. Alexander: Of Greek origin meaning "defender of the people." Alexander the Great, a king of Macedon, popularized this name, making it synonymous with leadership and conquest.
  2. Augustus: Latin for "majestic," "venerable," or "great." Augustus was the title of the first Roman emperor, embodying imperial strength and grandeur.
  3. Antonius: A Roman family name meaning "priceless" in Latin. Marcus Antonius, known as Mark Antony, was a notable bearer, remembered for his political and romantic endeavors.
  4. Achilles: From Greek mythology, Achilles was a hero of the Trojan War known for his valor and near invincibility. His name has come to signify great strength and epic qualities.
  5. Apollo: In Greek mythology, Apollo was the god of the sun, music, and prophecy, making this name represent beauty, art, and foresight.
  6. Aeneas: A hero in Greek and Roman mythology, Aeneas is celebrated in Virgil's "Aeneid" as a Trojan hero embodying pietas (duty), with his name suggesting "praiseworthy."
  7. Aristotle: Derived from the Greek "Aristotelis," meaning "the best purpose." Aristotle was a towering figure in ancient philosophy, making his name synonymous with wisdom and learning.
  8. Aurelius: A Roman family name meaning "golden" or "gilded." Marcus Aurelius, a philosopher-king, is the most famous bearer, lending a noble and thoughtful aura.
  9. Atlas: In Greek mythology, Atlas was a Titan condemned to hold up the sky, symbolizing strength and endurance.
  10. Alaric: Of Germanic origin but prominent in the history of Rome, meaning "all-powerful ruler." Alaric the Goth was known for his sack of Rome.
  11. Agamemnon: A legendary Greek king in Homer's "Iliad," his name might mean "very resolute." Agamemnon's role as a leader in the Trojan War underscores a commanding presence.
  12. Adrian: From the Latin "Hadrianus," meaning "from Hadria." Emperor Hadrian, who built Hadrian’s Wall in Britain, popularized this name, which has been adopted in various forms across Europe.
  13. Antaeus: In Greek mythology, Antaeus was a giant who was extremely strong as long as he remained in contact with the earth, symbolizing an earthy power and invincibility.
  14. Aeolus: Known as the ruler of the winds in Greek mythology, Aeolus represents control and variability, a powerful figure who assisted Odysseus on his journey.
  15. Antigonus: A general under Alexander the Great and later king, the name means "like the ancestor" in Greek, signifying legacy and heritage.
  16. Aristarchus: A Greek name meaning "best ruler." Aristarchus of Samos was an ancient astronomer who first suggested that the Earth orbits the Sun.
  17. Anastasius: From the Greek "Anastasios," meaning "resurrection." It was a common name among early Christians and several Byzantine emperors, reflecting a spiritual rebirth.
  18. Alcibiades: A prominent Athenian statesman, orator, and general, Alcibiades played a key role in Athens’ political and military power in the 5th century BCE. His name signifies strength in politics and war.
  19. Atticus: Although of Latin origin, it’s most famously associated with Atticus Finch from "To Kill a Mockingbird." Historically, it means "from Attica," the region encompassing Athens, symbolizing a cultured background.
  20. Argus: Named for a figure with a hundred eyes in Greek mythology, Argus symbolizes vigilance and watchfulness.

More Classical Latin and Greek Boy Names That Start With A

22AresGreek"Bane, ruin"
23AnaximanderGreek"Ruler of the house"
24AndronicusGreek"Victory of a man/warrior"
25AristidesGreek"Best type"
26ArchimedesGreek"Master planner"
27AndroclesGreek"Glory of a man"
30AmuliusLatinName of an ancient king
31ArcadiusGreek"Of Arcadia"
32AsclepiusGreek"God of medicine"
33AntiochusGreek"Resistant, withstand"
35AutolycusGreek"The wolf itself"
38AgrippaLatin"Born feet first"
40AegidiusGreek"Young goat" (Latinized form)


Names beginning with A offer a rich tapestry of options, each with its own flavor and history. From the uniqueness of 'Axton' to the classic charm of 'Arthur', and the cultural beauty of 'Antonio', these names provide parents with a wealth of choices. Selecting a name is more than just a label—it's the first gift a parent gives to their child, setting a foundation for their identity and potentially influencing their life's path.

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