Boy Names That Start With L

Choosing the perfect name for a baby boy is an exciting yet daunting task for many parents. Names are a significant part of our identities and carry rich meanings and cultural significance. If you are considering a boy's name that starts with L, you are in luck. This letter offers a range of beautiful and unique names from various origins and styles. In this article, we will explore several categories of L names, providing you with both popular and unique options, along with old-fashioned, cool, biblical, and cute names. We'll even dive into some of the longest boy names starting with L to cater to all tastes and preferences.

Boy Names That Start With L
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When it comes to popular names beginning with L, these are the names that frequently show up on top baby name lists and are widely loved for their sound and cultural relevance. Some of the most popular L names include:

  • Liam: Originally a short form of William, Liam has become a standout favorite in many countries, renowned for its strong yet simple sound.
  • Lucas: This name has Latin origins, meaning "light." It is well-liked for its soft yet masculine appeal.
  • Logan: Of Scottish origin, meaning "small hollow," Logan continues to be a top choice for its robust and resonant sound.
  • Leo: Short and sweet, Leo is a Latin name meaning "lion," popular among parents looking for a powerful, yet approachable name.
  • Luke: Also of Latin origin, meaning "light-giving," Luke is a timeless choice that remains favored for its biblical roots and crisp sound.

These names are chosen for their pleasant sounds and the positive qualities they are associated with, making them perennial favorites.

  1. Liam: Originally a short form of William, Liam means "strong-willed warrior" and "protector." It has Irish origins and has surged in popularity, becoming a top choice in several countries. It's a favorite for its combination of traditional roots and contemporary appeal.
  2. Lucas: Lucas, a name with Latin roots, means "light-giving" or "illumination." It is a variant of Luke but has stood out as a more modern preference in many English-speaking countries. Lucas is celebrated for its soft sound and spiritual significance.
  3. Logan: Of Scottish origin, Logan means "small hollow." It started as a surname and transitioned into a first name, popular among boys for its strong, resonant sound. Logan conveys a sense of ruggedness and adventure.
  4. Leo: Leo is a Latin name meaning "lion." It denotes bravery, strength, and regality. Popular across various cultures, Leo appeals to parents looking for a powerful yet succinct name that carries a rich historical and astrological significance.
  5. Luke: Meaning "light-giving," Luke is a biblical name with Latin origins. It is well-liked for its simplicity and strong biblical connection, as Saint Luke is known as the patron saint of artists and physicians.
  6. Lawrence: Derived from the Latin "Laurentius," which means "from Laurentum" (a city in ancient Italy), Lawrence has an air of timelessness and sophistication. It has been a popular choice due to its noble sound and historical significance.
  7. Landon: An English name meaning "long hill," Landon has become popular for its lyrical sound and earthy feel. It combines a gentle pastoral charm with contemporary appeal, making it versatile and fashionable.
  8. Levi: Levi is a Hebrew name meaning "joined" or "attached." It has biblical origins, as Levi was one of the twelve tribes of Israel. The name is popular in both religious and secular communities for its strong, appealing sound.
  9. Lance: A name of French origin, Lance means "land." Historically used as a knight's weapon, the name suggests strength and nobility. It's popular among parents who appreciate a short, impactful name.
  10. Lincoln: Meaning "town by the pool," Lincoln is of Old English origin. It gained popularity as a surname, notably borne by American President Abraham Lincoln, and has become a favored first name for its historical depth and presidential elegance.
  11. Lyle: With Scottish origins, Lyle means "the island" or "from the island." It is appreciated for its exotic and tranquil imagery, as well as its straightforward pronunciation and spelling.
  12. Lester: An English name meaning "from Leicester." Lester has a vintage charm that has seen a resurgence in popularity, likely due to its classic sound and nostalgic feel.
  13. Leonardo: Meaning "brave lion" in Italian, Leonardo is a name steeped in cultural richness, popularized by historical figures like Leonardo da Vinci. It appeals to those seeking a name with artistic and heroic connotations.
  14. Lorenzo: Lorenzo is an Italian variant of Lawrence, meaning "from Laurentum." It has a romantic and sophisticated feel, popular in Italian-speaking countries as well as among Hispanic communities in the Americas.
  15. Luca: A lighter, international variation of Lucas, meaning "light." Luca is favored for its multicultural appeal and easy pronunciation, making it a popular choice in Europe and increasingly in the U.S.
  16. Luther: A German name meaning "army people." Luther is historically significant, associated with Martin Luther, the initiator of the Protestant Reformation. It's chosen for its historical gravitas and unique sound.
  17. Lachlan: Meaning "from the land of lakes," Lachlan has Scottish origins and is notably popular in Australia. It has a rugged, adventurous quality that many find appealing.
  18. Leroy: Of French origin, Leroy means "the king." It exudes a regal quality, making it a bold choice for parents looking for a name with stature and distinction.
  19. Landry: A name of French origin, meaning "ruler." Landry has a modern appeal while retaining an air of ancient nobility and leadership qualities.
  20. Lennon: An Irish name meaning "lover." It has gained popularity as a first name, partly due to the fame of John Lennon. It offers a sense of peace and artistic flair.
21LaneEnglish"A narrow country road"
22LaytonEnglish"Settlement with a leek garden"
23LelandEnglish"Fallow land"
24LionelFrench"Young lion"
26LyndonEnglish"Lime tree hill"
27LowellOld French"Wolf cub"
28LamarFrench"Of the sea"
29LelandEnglish"Meadow land"
31LarsScandinavian"Crowned with laurel"
33LeandroSpanish"Lion man"
36LyricEnglish"Lyric song"
39LorcanIrish"Little fierce one"
40LexGreek"Defender of men"

Unique Boy Names That Start With L

For those looking for something less common, the letter L offers many unique options that stand out in a crowd. Unique L names often draw attention for their distinctive sound and exotic feel. Examples include:

  • Lysander: Meaning "liberator," this name has Greek origins and is known for its role in Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream."
  • Lorcan: An Irish name meaning "little fierce one," Lorcan is both unique and charismatic.
  • Leland: Meaning "fallow land," this name has an English origin and a genteel, yet distinct presence.
  • Linus: In Greek mythology, Linus is known as a musician and teacher of Hercules, making it a name with a classical and intellectual allure.
  • Larkin: This name of Irish origin means "rough, fierce," and offers a unique blend of tenderness and strength.

These unique names are perfect for parents who wish to give their child a name that stands out and reflects a deeper cultural or historical significance.

  1. Lysander: A Greek name meaning "liberator." Lysander is notable for its historical and literary significance, particularly in Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream." Its unique blend of softness and strength makes it a standout choice.
  2. Leif: Rooted in Norse heritage, Leif means "descendant" or "heir." It is historically significant due to the Norse explorer Leif Erikson, enhancing its appeal with a sense of adventure and exploration.
  3. Lorcan: This Irish name means "little fierce one." Lorcan combines a charming simplicity with a robust and energetic aura, making it an excellent choice for a boy with a strong presence.
  4. Linus: Of Greek origin, Linus means "flax." In Greek mythology, Linus was a musician and the son of Apollo, adding a classical and artistic flair to the name.
  5. Larkin: Derived from an Irish surname, Larkin means "rough, fierce." It's a lyrical name that retains a sense of ruggedness and distinctiveness, ideal for parents looking for something soft yet powerful.
  6. Ludo: Short for Ludovic or Ludwig, Ludo is a name of German origin meaning "famous warrior." It's a playful yet strong name, increasingly popular in modern settings.
  7. Lazaro: A Spanish variation of Lazarus, meaning "God has helped." Lazaro is rich in spiritual significance and historical depth, providing a profound narrative for a child's name.
  8. Leland: An English name meaning "fallow land." Leland evokes images of nature and calmness, perfect for families who appreciate a connection to the outdoors and a tranquil sound.
  9. Lucan: Of Irish origin, Lucan means "light." It is less common than Lucas, giving it a unique twist while maintaining a familiar sound.
  10. Laken: This unique name, possibly of English origin, suggests "lake." It's a modern name that is both evocative of nature and distinctively serene.
  11. Lochlan: Meaning "land of the lochs," Lochlan has Scottish origins and connotes a strong connection to Scottish heritage and the rugged landscapes of Scotland.
  12. Lysias: A name from ancient Greek, meaning "liberator." Lysias was a famous orator, which might appeal to families valuing speech and rhetoric.
  13. Leviticus: Derived from the biblical book, Leviticus means "relating to the Levites." It's a bold and unique choice, steeped in religious significance.
  14. Lafayette: A French surname meaning "faith." Popularized by the Marquis de Lafayette, it has historical connotations of bravery and leadership.
  15. Leverett: An old English name meaning "young hare." Leverett has a quaint, vintage charm, suitable for parents seeking a name with an animalistic and gentle nature.
  16. Lexington: An English place name meaning "town of the new law." Lexington is notable for its historical associations with American history and has a stately, sophisticated air.
  17. Lancelot: From Old French, meaning "land's servant." Lancelot is known from Arthurian legend as a knight of great valor, ideal for a name filled with romance and heroism.
  18. Landis: A German surname meaning "land." Landis is both sharp and resonant, offering a modern yet solid choice with an easy pronunciation.
  19. Leontes: A Greek name meaning "lion-like." It's rare and regal, with a strong sound and a nod to classical antiquity.
  20. Lorne: A Scottish place name, meaning "the place of the thicket." Lorne carries a mystic and serene vibe, suitable for parents drawn to nature-inspired names.

More Unique Boy Names That Start With L

22LysimachusGreek"Battle liberator"
23LaramieFrench"Canopy of leafy boughs"
24LangstonEnglish"Long stone"
26LindenGerman"Lime tree"
29LyricEnglish"Lyric song"
34LeopoldGerman"Bold leader"
36LudoGerman"Famous warrior"
37LorimerFrench"Harness maker"
38LeofricAnglo-Saxon"Dear ruler"
39LughIrish"Shining one"
40LoxleyEnglish"Glade by the lake"

Old-Fashioned Boy Names That Start With L

Old-fashioned names often carry a timeless elegance and a sense of heritage. They are classic and never truly go out of style. Some charming old-fashioned boy names that start with "L" include:

  • Lawrence: With Latin origins, meaning "from Laurentum," Lawrence is a noble name that has been borne by many historical figures.
  • Lester: An English name meaning "from Leicester," Lester has a vintage charm that many modern parents are drawn to.
  • Lionel: Meaning "young lion," Lionel has Old French origins and exudes a quiet strength and vintage appeal.
  • Luther: Most famously borne by Martin Luther, this name is German in origin and means "army people." It carries a profound historical and cultural significance.
  • Lincoln: Meaning "town by the pool," Lincoln is not only a presidential name but also has a stately and old-world charm.

These names resonate with a historical depth that continues to appeal to contemporary parents looking for names rooted in tradition.

  1. Lawrence: From the Latin "Laurentius," meaning "from Laurentum." Lawrence is a refined, classic name that has been favored for centuries due to its dignified resonance and association with the historical figure Saint Lawrence, the martyr.
  2. Lester: English in origin, meaning "from Leicester." Lester conveys an old-world charm that is rarely encountered in modern naming trends, making it a distinctive choice for parents seeking a name with both character and heritage.
  3. Lionel: Deriving from the Latin "Leonellus," a diminutive of Leo, meaning "young lion." Lionel has been a favored name among English speakers, known for its nobility and association with the famous British statesman Lionel Barrymore.
  4. Luther: A German name meaning "army people," made famous by Martin Luther, who initiated the Protestant Reformation. Luther conveys a strong and scholarly image, suitable for parents who appreciate historical depth and significance.
  5. Leonard: Meaning "brave lion" in German, Leonard is a name that exudes strength and courage. It has been popularized by numerous saints and scholars, making it a steadfast choice through the ages.
  6. Leopold: With roots in Old High German, meaning "bold leader," Leopold has been borne by royalty and exudes a sense of aristocracy and power. It is ideal for parents looking for a name that combines grandeur with a classical feel.
  7. Linus: In Greek, Linus means "flax." A name with mythical and historical significance, known for Linus Pauling, the Nobel laureate, and Linus in Greek mythology, the son of Apollo.
  8. Lambert: A German name meaning "bright land." Lambert is an ancient name that remains endearing for its unique sound and historical presence, particularly in medieval Germany.
  9. Lucius: Latin for "light," Lucius has been a common Roman name bearing connotations of brightness and clarity. It was borne by several early saints, enhancing its enduring legacy.
  10. Llewellyn: Of Welsh origin, meaning "leader's likeness," it carries with it a mystical and powerful aura. Llewellyn is a name with deep roots in Welsh royalty and mythology.
  11. Lancelot: This Old French name means "land's servant" and is most famously associated with Sir Lancelot, a character from Arthurian legend. Its romantic and chivalrous undertones make it a timeless choice.
  12. Leland: Meaning "fallow land," Leland is an English name that evokes a sense of the pastoral and serene. It has been a choice for those seeking a name with an earthy, solid foundation.
  13. Livingston: An English surname meaning "Leofwine's town." Livingston brings an air of sophistication and a slight aristocratic touch, commonly associated with estates and manors.
  14. Leander: Greek for "lion-man." Leander is known from the legend of Hero and Leander, symbolizing loyal and undying love. It offers a blend of strength and romanticism.
  15. Langston: Meaning "long stone" in English. Langston was popularized by the poet Langston Hughes, and it resonates with cultural sophistication and artistic flair.
  16. Lyndon: An English name meaning "lime tree hill." Lyndon, as popularized by President Lyndon B. Johnson, conveys both strength and groundedness, with a touch of presidential grace.
  17. Lucien: A French variant of Lucius, meaning "light." Lucien is suave and elegant, often associated with literary and artistic figures, providing a cultured air to a child's name.
  18. Lowell: An Old French origin meaning "wolf cub," Lowell has a gentle yet wild charm, often associated with the poet Robert Lowell, adding a literary touch.
  19. Lazarus: Of Hebrew origin meaning "God has helped." Known from the biblical story where Lazarus is raised from the dead, it is a name that conveys profound faith and renewal.
  20. Lorimer: From the Old French "lorimeur," meaning "bridle-maker." Lorimer has an occupational charm that reflects traditional craftsmanship, making it unique and memorable.

More Old-Fashioned Boy Names That Start With L

21LudwigGerman"Famous warrior"
22LyleScottish"The island"
23LeslieScottish"Garden of holly"
24LaytonEnglish"Herb garden"
25LinwoodEnglish"Lime tree forest"
26LorneScottish"The place of the thicket"
27LymanEnglish"Dweller at the meadow"
28LambertGerman"Land bright"
30LindonEnglish"Linden tree hill"
31LeightonEnglish"Leek town"
33LudlowEnglish"Prince's hill"
34LeithScottish"Broad river"
36LanfordEnglish"Long ford"
37LockwoodEnglish"Enclosed wood"
38LyallScandinavian"Shield wolf"
39LudovicFrench"Famous in war"

Cool Boy Names That Start With L

Cool names often have a modern, edgy feel to them. They are trendy and give off a youthful vibe. Here are some cool boy names starting with "L":

  • Landon: This English name means "long hill" and is popular in modern times for its easygoing and trendy sound.
  • Lennox: Of Scottish origin, meaning "with many elm trees," Lennox sounds both sophisticated and contemporary.
  • Lazer: A Yiddish form of Eleazar meaning "God has helped," this name is distinctive and cool with a strong meaning.
  • Lex: Often a short form of Alexander, Lex stands on its own as a sharp and powerful name.
  • Link: Short for Lincoln or a standalone name, Link is memorable and has a tech-savvy edge, reminiscent of the popular video game character.

Cool names like these are perfect for parents who are looking for something modern that still holds a meaningful linguistic or cultural background.

  1. Landon: Meaning "long hill," Landon is of English origin. It has become increasingly popular due to its strong yet soothing sound. This name strikes a perfect balance between being modern and timeless.
  2. Lennox: A Scottish name meaning "with many elm trees," Lennox brings a cool vibe with its x-ending. It's a stylish choice that sounds both sophisticated and laid-back.
  3. Link: Short for Lincoln or a unique name on its own, Link is modern and memorable. It resonates particularly well with fans of the "Legend of Zelda" series, adding a pop-culture flair.
  4. Loki: From Norse mythology, Loki is the god of mischief. This name has gained a following due to its mythological roots and the popularity of the Marvel character, making it edgy and compelling.
  5. Lyon: A French name meaning "lion," Lyon is bold and powerful. It is an excellent alternative to the more common Leo and has a strong metropolitan flair.
  6. Lazer: A Yiddish derivative of Eliezer, meaning "God has helped." Lazer has a sharp and modern sound, making it an intriguing choice for parents seeking something with a traditional base but a contemporary twist.
  7. Lev: Of Hebrew origin, meaning "heart." Lev is a short, striking name that is popular in Russia and among Jewish communities, known for its simplicity and profound meaning.
  8. Lux: Latin for "light," Lux is unique and luminous. It's short and impactful, ideal for parents looking for a name that's both cool and significant.
  9. Locke: An English surname meaning "forest" or "fortified place." Locke has a cool, philosophical edge, reminiscent of the English philosopher John Locke.
  10. Lync: A modern invention, Lync sounds connected and tech-savvy. It's a fresh alternative to more traditional names, perfect for a modern-day boy.
  11. Larson: Of Scandinavian origin, meaning "son of Lars." Larson offers a cool, Nordic touch with a friendly and approachable vibe.
  12. Ledger: An English occupational name for a spearman or a clerk/keeper of a ledger. It has a bold, distinctive sound and gained popularity as a first name after actor Heath Ledger.
  13. Lorcan: Meaning "little fierce one," this Irish name is both powerful and endearing. Lorcan is an excellent pick for parents who want a name with a strong meaning and a unique sound.
  14. Lance: A name of French origin meaning "land." Historically a knight's weapon, Lance is sharp, straightforward, and resonates with a certain boldness and simplicity.
  15. Leith: A Scottish name meaning "broad river." Leith has a cool geographic connection, offering a natural yet urban feel.
  16. Lysander: Meaning "liberator," Lysander is of Greek origin. It's a distinguished choice, known from Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream," adding a layer of literary coolness.
  17. Lex: Often a short form of Alexander, Lex stands on its own as a sharp, modern name. It suggests intelligence and efficiency, perfect for a contemporary boy.
  18. Laken: An English name suggesting "lake." It's an unconventional choice that sounds cool and tranquil, ideal for nature lovers.
  19. Ludlow: Meaning "prince’s hill," Ludlow is an Old English name with a noble and unique sound, offering historical depth and a cool factor.
  20. Lorin: A variant of Laurence, meaning "from Laurentum." Lorin brings a fresh twist to an old classic, providing a modern and stylish option.

More Cool Boy Names That Start With L

21LyricEnglish"Lyric song"
22LelandEnglish"Fallow land"
23LathamEnglish"Barn house"
24LazarusHebrew"God has helped"
26LincolnEnglish"Town by the pool"
28LebronAmericanPopularized by athlete LeBron James
29LyleScottish"The island"
32LangleyEnglish"Long meadow"
33LoganScottish"Small hollow"
34LyndonEnglish"Lime tree hill"
35LokiNorse"Trickster god"
36LudoGerman"Famous warrior"
37LyncModern Invention"Connected"
38LuceroSpanish"Bright star"
39LarsonScandinavian"Son of Lars"

Biblical Boy Names That Start With L

Biblical names carry spiritual significance and are often chosen for their beautiful meanings and the virtues they represent. Some impactful biblical "L" names include:

  • Levi: A classic biblical name, Levi means "joined, attached" in Hebrew and was the name of one of the tribes of Israel.
  • Lazarus: Meaning "God has helped" in Hebrew, Lazarus is known from the New Testament as a man who was raised from the dead by Jesus.
  • Lucius: A Latin name found in the New Testament, meaning "light." It's elegant and spiritually resonant.
  • Lemuel: Meaning "devoted to God" in Hebrew, Lemuel is a lesser-known biblical name with a deep spiritual meaning.

These names are deeply rooted in religious texts and are chosen by parents not only for their beautiful sounds but also for their profound spiritual connections.

  1. Levi: Meaning "joined" in Hebrew, Levi was the third son of Jacob and Leah and the founder of the Levite tribe in the Bible. This name has become popular due to its strong biblical roots and the simplicity of its sound.
  2. Lazarus: Of Hebrew origin meaning "God has helped." Lazarus is a prominent figure in the New Testament who was resurrected by Jesus, symbolizing hope and transformation.
  3. Lucas: A variant of Luke, Lucas means "light-giving." While Lucas is more commonly seen in modern times, it shares its origins with the biblical Luke, the author of the third Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles.
  4. Luke: Derived from the Greek name Loukas, meaning "from Lucania." Luke is a significant biblical figure, known for his detailed account of the life and teachings of Jesus.
  5. Laban: Meaning "white" in Hebrew. In the Bible, Laban is known as the brother of Isaac's wife Rebekah and the father of Leah and Rachel, making him an important family member in the patriarchal narratives.
  6. Lemuel: A Hebrew name meaning "devoted to God." Mentioned in Proverbs 31, King Lemuel is noted for the advice his mother gave him, emphasizing the value of wisdom and virtue.
  7. Lamech: A name with uncertain meaning, possibly "powerful" in Hebrew. Lamech appears twice in Genesis, once as the father of Noah and once in the line of Cain, highlighting a complex legacy.
  8. Linus: Although more commonly known from Greek mythology, Linus is mentioned in the New Testament as a Christian leader in 2 Timothy. The name means "flax."
  9. Lot: In Hebrew, Lot means "covering, veil." Lot is a nephew of Abraham, known for his escape from Sodom and his subsequent survival, as detailed in the Genesis narrative.
  10. Lucius: A Latin name meaning "light." In the Bible, Lucius is identified as a Christian prophet in the Book of Acts who played a role in the early church.
  11. Lazar: A shorter form of Lazarus, meaning "God has helped." Lazar is an evocative name reflecting a miraculous biblical story of resurrection and divine intervention.
  12. Lael: Meaning "of God" in Hebrew. Lael is mentioned in the Bible as a member of the Gershonite clan in the tribe of Levi, associated with holiness and service to the temple.
  13. Lysias: A Greek name meaning "liberator." Lysias appears in the Acts of the Apostles as a commander who rescued Paul from a violent crowd, thus playing a pivotal role in Paul's missions.
  14. Lysanias: Also Greek, meaning "one who drives away sorrow." Mentioned briefly in Luke as the tetrarch of Abilene during the time of John the Baptist.
  15. Lamech: Different from the earlier Lamech, this one is highlighted for his poetic lament over his violent actions, suggesting themes of regret and the human condition.
  16. Libni: Hebrew for "white, full of whiteness." Libni was a son of Gershon and descendant of Levi, mentioned in the context of Levitical duties in the Temple.
  17. Lebbaeus: Meaning "man of heart" in Aramaic. Lebbaeus is mentioned briefly in the New Testament as one of the disciples of Jesus, also known by the name Thaddaeus.
  18. Lappidoth: A Hebrew name meaning "torches." Lappidoth was the husband of Deborah, a prophetess and judge of Israel, known for her wisdom and courage in the Book of Judges.
  19. Luz: Meaning "almond tree" in Hebrew. The city of Luz is significant in biblical narratives, especially in the story of Jacob's dream of the ladder to heaven.
  20. Leviathan: While typically known as a sea monster in the Bible, Leviathan symbolizes chaos and is mentioned in Job, Psalms, and Isaiah, representing God's power over all creatures.

More Biblical Boy Names That Start With L

23LuzHebrew"Almond tree"
25LeshemHebrew"Precious stone"
29LyddaHebrew"Beauty, pleasantness"
30LurHebrew"Chimney, furnace"
31LigurHebrew"To join, to unite"
32LamedHebrew"To learn"
36LadanHebrew"To serve, endure"
40LekahHebrew"To walk"

Cute Boy Names That Start With L

Cute names are often short and sweet, with a charming and endearing quality. Some adorable "L" names for boys include:

  • Louie: A French derivative of Louis, meaning "renowned warrior," Louie is cute and friendly.
  • Leo: As mentioned earlier, Leo is not only popular but also has a cute and lively appeal.
  • Lenny: Short for Leonard, meaning "brave lion," Lenny is affectionate and approachable.
  • Lyle: Meaning "the island," Lyle is a Scottish name that sounds modern and sweet.
  • Liam: Also appearing under popular names, Liam is undeniably cute and beloved by many.

Cute names like these are perfect for a child's early years yet are also suitable as they grow into adults, maintaining their charm.

  1. Liam: Irish origin meaning "strong-willed warrior." Liam combines strength and charm, making it not only popular but also adorable for a young boy.
  2. Leo: Latin for "lion," Leo is short, sweet, and full of personality. It’s a name that’s easy to pronounce and carries a bold and loving essence.
  3. Levi: Of Hebrew origin meaning "joined in harmony." Levi's biblical roots and soft phonetics make it both significant and cute.
  4. Louie: A French derivation of Louis, meaning "renowned warrior." Louie sounds cheerful and lively, perfect for a spirited little boy.
  5. Lenny: Short for Leonard, meaning "brave lion" in German. Lenny has a vintage charm and a friendly vibe that makes it endearing to all.
  6. Lyle: A Scottish name meaning "the island." Its simplicity and unique sound make Lyle a quaint and cute choice for a boy's name.
  7. Linden: Of English origin, meaning "lime tree." Linden has a gentle and nature-inspired sound, giving it a wholesome and appealing quality.
  8. Lane: English origin, meaning "a narrow country road." Lane is short and sweet, evoking imagery of peaceful, pastoral settings.
  9. Lucas: Latin origin meaning "light-giving." Lucas is a more formal version of Luke but retains a soft and appealing sound.
  10. Link: A modern name inspired by the character from "The Legend of Zelda." Short and impactful, Link is a cute and cool name choice for a boy.
  11. Luca: Of Italian origin, meaning "light." Luca is a popular choice in various countries, beloved for its smooth and charming sound.
  12. Ludo: A diminutive of Ludovic or Ludwig, meaning "famous warrior" in German. Ludo is playful and fun, perfect for a little boy full of energy.
  13. Leif: Norse origin, meaning "descendant" or "heir." Leif is historically significant and has a cool yet adorable ring to it.
  14. Lark: From the English word for the songbird. Lark is whimsical and joyful, a lovely choice for a light-hearted and cheerful boy.
  15. Lorcan: Irish origin meaning "little fierce one." Despite its meaning, Lorcan has a soft sound that makes it cute and lovable.
  16. Lowell: Old French origin, meaning "young wolf." Lowell has a gentle, almost poetic feel, while still sounding distinguished.
  17. Leland: English origin meaning "fallow land." Leland sounds classic and has a gentle, approachable quality that's perfect for a cute name.
  18. Lionel: Latin origin meaning "young lion." Lionel, with its vintage charm and strong association with Lionel Richie, offers a friendly and warm presence.
  19. Lex: Typically a short form of Alexander, meaning "defender of the people." Lex is punchy and vibrant, with a modern edge that’s quite appealing.
  20. Linus: Greek origin, meaning "flax." Linus is soft and cuddly, with historical gravitas thanks to Linus Pauling and the beloved character from "Peanuts."

More Cute Boy Names That Start With L

21LutherGerman"Army people"
22LeightonEnglish"Meadow town"
23LindseyEnglish"Lincoln's marsh"
24LawsonEnglish"Son of Lawrence"
25LennyGerman"Brave as a lion"
26LindonEnglish"Lime tree hill"
27LaytonEnglish"Settlement with a leek garden"
29LoganScottish"Small hollow"
31LyleScottish"The island"
32LangleyEnglish"Long meadow"
33LyndonEnglish"Lime tree hill"
34LennonIrish"Dear one"
35LarkinIrish"Rough, fierce"
36LeanderGreek"Man of the people"
37LelandEnglish"Fallow land"
38LincolnEnglish"Town by the pool"
40LewisGerman"Famous warrior"

Longest Boy Names That Start With L

For those interested in more elaborate names, the following are some of the longest boy names that begin with "L":

  • Lysimachus: A name of Greek origin used in ancient times, meaning "a liberator in battle."
  • Livingstone: An English name meaning "Leofwine's stone," often associated with the explorer David Livingstone.
  • Llewellyn: A Welsh name meaning "leader's image," renowned for its historical depth and strong phonetic presence.

Long names often carry a sense of formality and grandeur, making them excellent choices for parents looking for something with significant presence and uniqueness.

  1. Leonardo: An Italian name meaning "brave lion," Leonardo combines historical depth with cultural flair, popularized by figures like Leonardo da Vinci. It evokes a sense of creativity and intelligence.
  2. Lysimachus: From Greek origin, meaning "liberator in battle," Lysimachus is a name known from ancient history, notably a general of Alexander the Great. It carries a classical and powerful resonance.
  3. Livingstone: An English surname meaning "Leofwine's stone." Most famously borne by explorer David Livingstone, it suggests adventure and discovery, appealing to those with a taste for history and exploration.
  4. Leontinus: A rare Latinized name, meaning "lion-like." It has an ancient Roman feel, providing a unique and stately option for a boy's name.
  5. Leopoldine: Although more common as a masculine name in its shorter form, Leopold, Leopoldine means "bold leader" and is an extravagant choice, rich in European royal history.
  6. Llewellyn: Of Welsh origin, meaning "leader's likeness." Llewellyn is a name steeped in myth and royalty, associated with ancient Welsh kings, offering a sense of nobility and tradition.
  7. Laurentinus: A derivative of Laurence, meaning "from Laurentum," Laurentinus is a majestic Roman name that suggests elegance and a storied past.
  8. Leonidas: A Greek name meaning "lion-like," best known for the Spartan king who heroically led at the Battle of Thermopylae. It's a name synonymous with bravery and warrior spirit.
  9. Leandro: A Spanish and Portuguese name meaning "lion-man." Leandro is romantic and strong, associated with the legendary character who swam each night to see his lover, Hero.
  10. Lambertus: Meaning "bright land" in Old German, Lambertus is a medieval name that conjures images of strength and stability, with a noble touch.
  11. Lancelot: From Old French, meaning "land's servant." Lancelot is renowned as the most loyal knight of King Arthur's Round Table, filled with chivalry and romance.
  12. Luciano: An Italian form of Lucius, meaning "light." Luciano exudes a lyrical and sophisticated vibe, popular among opera fans due to the famous tenor Luciano Pavarotti.
  13. Langston: Meaning "long stone" in Old English. Langston was popularized by the Harlem Renaissance poet Langston Hughes, reflecting depth, culture, and artistry.
  14. Leviticus: A biblical name derived from the Levi tribe, associated with the third book of the Bible. Leviticus is unique and filled with spiritual significance.
  15. Lysander: Meaning "liberator" in Greek. Famous from Shakespeare’s "A Midsummer Night's Dream," Lysander is poetic and carries a touch of whimsy and history.
  16. Luciferous: Derived from Latin meaning "light-bringing." While historically associated with light, it is also infamously linked to the fallen angel, making it a bold and controversial choice.
  17. Leontios: A Greek name meaning "lion-like." Leontios has a robust and regal ring to it, suitable for parents looking for a name with an ancient and powerful feel.
  18. Ludovico: An Italian variation of Ludwig, meaning "famous warrior." Ludovico has a musical connotation, notably with the composer Ludovico Einaudi, blending artistic flair with historical depth.
  19. Laurentius: Latin for "from Laurentum." Laurentius is a classical name that exudes a timeless elegance, commonly associated with early saints and scholars.
  20. Leonides: A variant of Leonidas, meaning "lion-like." Leonides adds a modern twist to an ancient name, maintaining its strong and courageous connotation.

More Longest Boy Names That Start With L

23LambertoItalian"Bright land"
25LeonardoItalian"Brave lion"
26LorenzoItalian"From Laurentum"
27LudovicoItalian"Famous warrior"
28LlewelynWelsh"Leader's likeness"
30LysimachosGreek"Liberator in battle"
31LeucippusGreek"White horse"
32LaurentinoLatin"From Laurentum"
33LeopoldinoItalian"Bold leader"
34LeandrosGreek"Man of the people"
36LudovikoSlavic"Famous warrior"
37LeonardinoItalian"Brave lion"
39LudovicusLatin"Famous warrior"
40LeonardisGreek"Son of Leon"

Whether you are looking for a name that is popular, unique, old-fashioned, cool, biblical, cute, or long, the letter "L" offers a diverse range of options. Each name carries its own flavor and historical depth, providing meaningful choices for your new arrival. Choose a name that resonates most with your family's values and preferences, and it will surely be a cherished part of your son's identity.

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